Miss Corpus

A Novel


By Clay McLeod Chapman

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Will has just returned home from sea to find his wife lying dead on the kitchen floor. Four states away, Phil has been waiting for his son to return home, only to discover his body decomposing at the bottom of a nearby swamp. Will’s wife always wanted a highway-bound honeymoon. Phil’s son always wanted to see the country. In an attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives, both Will and Phil load up their cars and hit the road — unknowingly traveling toward a collision — their destinies literally crashing together on I-95. From the moment their keys slip into the ignition, to the second their fenders clasp, every person with whom Will and Phil come in contact weaves a tapestry of narratives that gives a singular, vivid voice to the Deep South.


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Feb 5, 2003
Page Count
240 pages
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Clay McLeod Chapman

About the Author

Acclaimed NY playwright and author Clay McLeod Chapman (www.claymcleodchapman.com) is the creator of The Pumpkin Pie Show and the author of rest area, a collection of short stories, and miss corpus, a novel. He teaches writing at The Actors Studio MFA Program at Pace University Program.

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