College Sex by the People Having It


By Christopher Anderson

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Boink is what happens when a group of undergrads from Boston University decide to publish a sex magazine. Now comes their explosive book, the definitive college guide to carnal knowledge.

Openly exploring sexual themes that are relevant to all men and women, these 4-color, beautifully designed pages are filled with never-before-published true stories, prescriptive advice, graphic confessions, and no-holds-barred nude pictures of real university students (not the fake “college co-eds” all over the internet). With student contributors from named major universities, Boink vividly details what goes on under the dorm room sheets across the country.

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Feb 11, 2008
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Christopher Anderson

About the Author

Alecia Oleyourryk, Christopher Anderson. and Vanessa M. White are not your typical sex magazine founders. Alecia grew up on a farm in upstate New York with traditional Catholic parents. She met Christopher during her sophomore year at Boston University when she agreed to pose nude for his Fine Art Portfolio class at the New England School of Photography.

Christopher’s eclectic background included work in government, at an investment bank, and then in the software industry. The two became close friends and together they conceived and launched Boink during Alecia’s senior year at BU. Vanessa joined the team several months later, after approaching them about modeling for the magazine. It quickly became apparent that her talents were manifold and she began to contribute as a writer and editor for the publication, as well as choreographing its “burlesque events”.

Together this unlikely trio is unique in the magazine industry. Alecia is the first college undergrad in the country to publish an unapologetically explicit magazine targeted at her fellow college students. Christopher might be called the first adult publisher who is also a member of Mensa. And Vanessa is, by all accounts, the first sex magazine creator to graduate from Phillips Andover, the oldest private prep school in the country and the alma mater of Presidents Bush 41 and 43.

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