Bobby Wonderful

An Imperfect Son Says Good-bye


By Bob Morris

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His mother’s last word was his name. His father’s was “Wonderful.” Together they inspired the title for this true story of love and redemption.

Bob Morris was always the entertainer in his family, but not always a perfect son. When he finds his parents approaching the end of their lives, he begins to see his relationship to them in a whole new light and it changes his way of thinking.

How does an adult child with flaws and limitations figure out how to do his best for his ailing parents while still carrying on and enjoying his own life? And when their final days on earth come, how can he give them the best possible end?

In the tradition of bestselling memoirs by Christopher Buckley, Joan Didion, and with a dash of David Sedaris, Bobby Wonderful recounts two poignant deaths and one family’s struggle to find the silver lining in them. As accessible as he is insightful, Bob Morris infuses each moment of his profound emotional journey with dark comedy, spiritual inquiry and brutally honest self-examination.

This is a little book. But it captures a big and universal experience.

  • "This might seem like tough reading; surprisingly, it's not. Morris manages to convey the poignancy of coping with a dying parent while infusing the text with sly humor...the book will move anyone who has had to say goodbye to a loved one--especially those who felt themselves unequal to the task."
    New York Times Book Review
  • "Packing in more substance and smiles than are usually found in this genre, Morris has written a profound and timely chronicle."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "Both a domestic comedy and a heartfelt homage, Morris's emotional memoir of his parents' passing--a tribute to loved ones and how we say goodbye--makes tender light of the mundane and finds dark humor in the morose."
    O Magazine
  • "Just as books can help us make sense out of the milestone of becoming parents, Morris's account will prove valuable to those who are losing theirs...Morris writes about his father with rare sweetness...his honest and love will resonate with anyone worrying about their aging parents."
    Boston Globe
  • "With humor and unflinching honesty, Bob Morris confronts the deterioration and death of his parents. His anger, impatience, tenderness, and love light each page. He is right about so much, including how wrong we get it. This is our common experience. We fumble and stumble to express our love (without going mad), doing the best we can."
    Maira Kalman, author of The Principles of Uncertainty and And the Pursuit of Happiness
  • "A poignant, charming reflection on the next step in life."
  • "Searingly candid...sensitively told, deeply moving and highly relevant in a world where more and more people face situations like his. BOBBY WONDERFUL is a gift of a book: an often funny but also perfectly serious contemplation of living and dying well."
    Shelf Awareness
  • "Heartfelt and deeply moving."
    Dayton Daily News
  • "How could a book about a Boomer dealing with the death of his parents be so fulfilling and delicious? Bob Morris does just that...My god I loved this book. I was riveted, weeping and laughing through it in one full day's read...For all his stark honesty of unconscionable thoughts and warts exposed, I came away endeared by Bob and his family...a deeply personal book filled with profound moments at every turn of a page."
    Seven Ponds
  • "Candid...powerful...memorable."
    Next Avenue
  • "Funny and touching... I recommend it to anyone who--like me--feels they could have or should have done more, or done better, in dealing with the decline and fall of the colossus known as Mom or Dad. The truth of the matter? Nobody gets it right."
    Pocono Record

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Bob Morris

About the Author

Bob Morris is the author of Assisted Loving and Crispin the Terrible and is a frequent contributor to the New York Times. He has been a commentator on NPR’s All Things Considered, has written for the New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker, Southampton Review, Town and Country, and other publications. He also collaborated with actress Diahann Carroll on her award-winning memoir. He lives in Manhattan and is a graduate of Brown University.

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