How to Write Like Chekhov

Advice and Inspiration, Straight from His Own Letters and Work


By Anton Chekhov

Edited by Piero Brunello

Edited by Lena Lencek

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Maxim Gorky said that no one understood — the tragedy of life’s trivialities — as clearly as Anton Chekhov, widely considered the father of the modern short story and the modern play. Chekhov’s singular ability to speak volumes with a single, impeccably chosen word, mesh comedy and pathos, and capture life’s basic sadness as he entertains us, are why so many aspire to emulate him. How to Write Like Chekhov meticulously cherry-picks from Chekhov’s plays, stories, and letters to his publisher, brother, and friends, offering suggestions and observations on subjects including plot and characters (and their names), descriptions and dialogue, and what to emphasize and avoid. This is a uniquely clear roadmap to Chekhov’s intelligence and artistic expertise and an essential addition to the writing-guide shelf.

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Oct 23, 2008
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Anton Chekhov

About the Author

Piero Brunello is a professor at the University of Venice.

Lena Lencek is a professor at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

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