Dirtbag Queen

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By Andy Corren

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“Because she was my mother, the death of zaftig good-time gal Renay Corren is newsworthy to me, and I treat it with the same respect and reverence she had for, well, nothing. A more disrespectful, trash talking woman was not to be found.”
 So began Andy Corren's unforgettable obituary for his mother, Renay Mandel Corren, in her hometown paper The Fayetteville Observer, a tribute that went on to touch the hearts of millions around the globe. In his brief telling of the life and legend that was Renay, a “loud, filthy‑minded (and filthy‑mouthed) Jewish lady redneck who birthed six kids—some of whom she even knew,” Andy captured only a slice of his loving and fabulously unconventional mother.
His obituary for Renay was just the tip of the iceberg. In this uproariously funny, deeply moving family portrait, readers meet the rest of his absurd clan: his brothers, affectionately nicknamed Asshole (whose terrible attitude permeates every room he enters), Twin (held back a year and constantly mistaken for Andy despite the fact that they look nothing alike), and Rabbi (the only one who had a Bar Mitzvah); his one-eyed pirate queen of a sister, Cathy Sue (a teen bride who lost an eye to a Pepsi bottle); and then there’s the mysterious Bonus, who Andy isn’t aware of until later in life since this mysterious oldest brother grew up at the Green Valley School for Emotionally Disturbed and Delinquent Children.

 A story of love and forgiveness, as well as a celebration of a woman who “didn't cook, didn't clean, and was lousy with money” but was “great at dyeing her red roots, weekly manicures, filthy jokes, pier fishing, rolling joints and buying dirty magazines," Dirtbag Queen is an entertaining and poignant portrayal of the complex and heartfelt humanity that unites us all—especially family.

  • "Here's something I can say with perfect certainty: Andy Corren has written the best scene I know of involving Donny Osmond, a standard poodle named Licorice, and a young man's sexual awakening. And lucky for us, he's written a whole lot more. Dirtbag Queen is an irreverent, laugh-out-loud look back at an outrageous childhood. It's also an exquisite love letter to a woman who broke every rule of motherhood and taught her children how to live." 
    Grant Ginder, author of The People We Hate at the Wedding
  • "Fantastic. Utterly unhinged, hilarious, and unexpectedly heartbreaking.”
    #1 New York Times bestseller Jenny Lawson
  • Dirtbag Queen is told with the kind of unyielding honesty, devastating humor and above all tender familial pride that makes a seemingly eccentric upbringing feel universal. You will not regret a moment you spend with this family—nor will you ever forget them.”
    Steven Rowley, New York Times Bestselling author of The Guncle
  • "Buckle your seat belts, clear the decks, cancel all social obligations because once you start Andy Corren’s hilarious, sacrilegious, and brilliantly tenderhearted memoir, you won’t want to stop until the bittersweet end.”
    Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney, New York Times bestselling author of The Nest and Good Company
  • “Dirtbag Queen is so funny, smart and original that while I was reading Andy Corren's fantastic memoir I had to keep reminding myself that I didn't write it."
    Alan Zweibel, Original SNL writer and Thurber Prize winning author of Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier

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Jan 14, 2025
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288 pages

Andy Corren

About the Author

Playwright, performer, and first-generation Jewish redneck Andy Corren was born and raised on the wrong side of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and now lives in Harlem. Andy has performed live sketch & standup, told his stories, written & produced his plays, and sent a lot of unanswered emails in a show business career that spanned multiple firings over three, checkered decades. Andy has a worthless BFA and wasn't accepted into any MFA programs, but has an amazing dog named Hudson and a cabin in the Catskills, so on balance he feels God is on his side.

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