The Posh Girl's Guide to Play

Fantasy, Role Play & Sensual Bondage


By Alexis Lass

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Because little black handcuffs go with everything!

In The Posh Girl’s Guide to Play, former dominatrix Alexis Lass leads you into the romantic and wildly glamorous world of dominance, submission, and sexual fantasy. 

Blending hot how-to’s with sexy his-and-her stories, Lass—with a little help from her lover, Mr. H—offers down-to-earth advice on everything from dirty talk to spanking to sensory deprivation. She discloses how to tap into your deepest desires to enjoy the power and delight of role play—all while feeling safe and sensual—and shares her insight on the psychological aspect of this kind of intimacy, including: Establishing trust between partners, The yoga-like benefits of submission, building erotic tension, and advancing the play (for the adventurous). 

Bold and sexy, tantalizing and intelligent, The Posh Girl’s Guide to Play is the perfect beginner’s guide to add a little spice to your sex life and go from "no way” to "let’s play!”


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Oct 8, 2013
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272 pages
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Alexis Lass

About the Author

Alexis Lass’s well-rounded education took place at the Spence School, the Kent School, Bard College, University of Bologna, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She worked as a Certified Yoga Instructor and did some stage and television work in New York City before taking on a brief stint as a pro Dominatrix.

For five years, Lass owned and operated her own fetish film production company in Manhattan. Her film Infernali won Best Picture Award at the Traum Film Festival in Germany, and the trailer was in the winner’s circle for the best horror film trailer at the Paranoia Film Festival in Los Angeles.

In partnership with Penthouse Magazine, Lass ran fetish parties at Chris Noth’s Cutting Room lounge in Manhattan, earning a Page Six spread of party pics in the New York Post as well as live video coverage on its website. She was featured in Katie Roiphe’s essay collection, In Praise of Messy Lives, and in a story by Roiphe on She has also been featured in The New York Post and The New York Times and has appeared on Entertainment Tonight.

Lass categorizes herself as “proper Bohemian,” resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is active with animal rights groups, and volunteers with a cat rescue group.

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