The Kindergarten Wars

The Battle to Get into America's Best Private Schools


By Alan Eisenstock

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The Kindergarten Wars is the first narrative nonfiction book ever to take the reader inside all aspects of the private school application process. Eisenstock follows several families across the country from their first school tours until the moment they open their admissions letters. He interviews admissions directors, school heads, teachers, educational consultants, and kindergarten tutors, who coach both parents and kids.
Did you know the most important line in your child’s application is where you–the parent–went to college? Did you know that you can qualify for financial aid even if you make $192,000 a year?
Eisenstock uncovers startling information, starting with how private school admissions directors decide who gets in. Does the child of a single woman of ethnic diversity on financial aid have a better chance of getting into an elite kindergarten than a child of a middle-class white couple? He will ask Ivy League students, their parents, and their admissions counselors the $500,000 question: Does where you go to kindergarten ultimately help you get into the most prestigious colleges?
At its core, The Kindergarten Wars is a human drama. It’s the story of a quest and the people who are vying for the prize–a space in private school kindergarten–at any cost. The book is honest, funny, suspenseful, and emotional.


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