Cover Launch: WARLORDS OF WYRDWOOD by RJ Barker

Take your first look at the cover for Warlords of Wyrdwood (US | UK), the second installment in The Forsaken Trilogy by RJ Barker, coming September 2024!

Warlords of Wyrdwood by RJ Barker
Cover Design by Duncan Spilling

“You fear the forest… It is not foolish.” His words rang like bells in the clearing, each face reacting to their din. “But the forest does not hate you, it does not hunt you. It simply does not care about you.”

From British Fantasy Award-winning author RJ Barker comes the second installment in a new epic fantasy trilogy set in a forest straight out of darkest folklore with outlaws fighting an evil empire and warring deities.

 The Forester known as Cahan led the village of Harn in rebellion against the all-powerful, oppressive forces of the Rai. A great victory was won, but to avoid retaliation he must lead the people of Harn into the Wyrdwood.

Cahan never wanted this responsibility, but fate has its eye on him, and without him the people will be helpless against the terrors of the forest.  But in the ground of Crua, a dark god is growing in power using the strength of decay. It is something new, something worse than the magics of the Rai, and it has its claws in Cahan. The people of Harn need him, and they will need new allies if they are to have any hope of surviving in the depths of the Wyrdwood.

Especially if the man they consider a hero, the Forester, Cahan Du-Nahere, is as lost to them as he believes.

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