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A 53rd card in a deck of 52

One Last Time

Dear Gustavo,

Our story is long and full of the small moments.


Dear X

We'll Always Have That Night.

Dear friend,

To myself,

Lovely story

To my father

My dear,

What is a soulmate?

To my significant other,

Dear John,

What I hope

Know you are enough

You'll find your way

We've all loved you

Mr Right,

Dear whoever reads this,

Dear love,

It's hard when you love two people at one time

"Some things are forever"

Dear G,

Poem For My Baby Sister (Brat)

My Person

The love I have for you

Our love is special

25 years later

He made me feel very loved

Everything happens for a reason in life

I would always choose you

If only...

Dear postpartum depression,

Every Breath

Little Brother

I'm still in love with you

The power of prayer

Slow down and just be

We prevailed

S.M.M. The Beast,

My twin flame...

This special place

Thank you

Dear World...

I want to feel loved

I have 3 children

Lost And Alone

Dear My Long Lost Memory

It can take your breath away

Do you believe in true love?

Do you care?

Dear Guardian Angel,

Kindred spirit,

For My Person

Dear Dad,

Thank You, Carolina

Better every time

To my children when they get older

Dear best friend

Well this is interesting

Dear son

The waves and the wind

My soul mate

Dear baby

Looking forward

Someday is just an excuse

Dear Family

Dear Sunshine

Dear Future

Dearest Beloved Souls

Secret Dream

Dear Mom,

Rose-Colored Glasses

Embrace your uniqueness

Dear First True Love

The Ocean

Dear Kindred Spirit,

My Dearest

Dear love

Dear You,

Super exhausted

Dear J,

To my Husband,

Long Lost Love

Dear Husband,

Holes in my soul

Dear future love,

Forever Yours

Dear Secondary Infertility,

Dear my future husband,

Dear Kindred Spirit,

My dear,

True Kindred Spirit

My love,

Dear Paul,

Dear Regret,

Hello There!

Dear Hope

This is a letter to God and the universe

Dear Lena

From a Fan in India