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Author Vegas Tenold talks about White Nationalism on NPR Morning Edition

Trump's on-both-sides statement has become one of the most memorable moments of his presidency. His equivalence drew condemnation from leaders in both parties and praise from white supremacists. Now, all this week we're going to be looking at what led to Charlottesville and how the country has changed since then. Today we're joined by Vegas Tenold. He spent six years embedded with white nationalist groups right up until the rally in Charlottesville, and he wrote a book about his time called "Everything You Love Will Burn: Inside The Rebirth Of White Nationalism In America." Good morning, Vegas.
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The New Yorker reviews THERE ARE NO DEAD HERE

“There Are No Dead Here” is a paradoxical title for a book in which I recorded, in the margins, at least forty-nine murders. The phrase is borrowed from Gabriel García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” in which one man, José Arcadio Segundo, is a witness to the state-sponsored murder of three thousand union workers. He is doomed to solitude when no one, not even his brother, will believe him. “The official version,” Márquez wrote, was finally accepted: “There were no dead.”
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