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In the News

Rich People Broke America and Never Paid the Price, writes Nathan Schneider

The universe we actually find ourselves in, of course, seems in some respects stranger than any of these alternate ones. A lot has happened since 2008, but few things have been as bizarre as the refusal to meaningfully correct the system that destroyed millions of jobs, homes, and dreams—and enabled the spread of authoritarianism around the world.
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Mychal Denzel Smith writes why Colin Kaepernick’s protest might be unpatriotic. And that’s just fine

His protest does not need to be recast as patriotic, as patriotism is not a higher virtue than justice. This is the point of the anthem protests. Calling them that does not diminish them. If anything, it presents an opportunity to have an intentional discussion about the anthem’s symbolic charge. Recasting the protests as patriotic will not win converts. Protests, in their time, are never popular.
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