Erika Lust

About the Author

Erika Lust has forged a name for herself as a producer, director, author, and innovative feminist. Erika is the founder of production company Lust Films, and her first film Five Stories for Her won several international awards including Best Script at the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival in 2007; Best Film for Women at the Erotic E-Line Awards (Berlin 2007); Honorable Best Mention at the CineKink Festival in New York (2008); and Best Film of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards (Toronto 2008). Barcelona Sex Project, the second movie she wrote and directed, is an outstanding erotic experimental film that delves deep into the personal pleasures of six young people, and which also garnered awards worldwide. In September 2009 her newest short film, Handcuffs, will open Erotic Night at the short film festival Circuito Off in Venice, Italy.

Erika Lust holds a bachelors degree in political science from Lund University (Sweden), with a specialization in gender studies and human rights. She currently resides in Barcelona.

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