Not To People Like Us

Hidden Abuse In Upscale Marriages


By Susan Weitzman

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This important book brings the ignored population of abused upper-income women to light, revealing for the first time the depth and severity of “upscale abuse”

How is it possible for a highly educated woman with a career and resources of her own to stay in a marriage with an abusive husband? How can a man be considered a pillar of his community, run a successful business and regularly give his wife a black eye? That we can even ask these startling questions proves how convinced we are that domestic abuse is restricted to the lower classes.

In “Not to People Like Us” psychotherapist Susan Weitzman dramatically challenges this assumption. It is the first book to explore a previously overlooked population of emotionally and physically battered wives-the upper-educated and upper-income women, who rarely report abuse and remain trapped by their own silence. Weitzman draws on an in-depth study to document the shocking nature and incidence of abuse among the wives of professors, physicians and CEOs-many of them professionals and executives themselves. With keen insight and profound sensitivity, she reveals the unique path taken by the upscale wife-the early warning signs, the dilemmas and decisions, the dangerous desire to cover up and maintain appearances.

The first book to condemn the legal and social service system for failing to recognize domestic violence among upper-income families, “Not to People Like Us” offers crucial information to help women find their way out of abusive relationships and toward safety and independence.
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Aug 1, 2008
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Susan Weitzman

About the Author

Susan Weitzman, Ph.D., is a practicing psychotherapist in Chicago, and regularly serves as an expert witness on upscale domestic violence and its impact. The author of the groundbreaking book Not To People like Us: Hidden Abuse in Upscale Marriages, Dr.Weitzman has been the recipient of numerous awards including NASW’s Illinois Social Worker of the Year. She is Co-Founder/President of The Weitzman Center, dedicated to educating the public and professionals about “upscale abuse.”

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