Talking Pictures

A Parent's Guide To Using Movies To Discuss Ethics, Values, And Everyday Problems With Children


By Ronald Madison

By Corey Schmidt

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Perfect for stimulating open discussion between parent and child, this warm and insightful guide uses movies as a vehicle for discussing sensitive issues with children aged 5 through 15. Combining the insight of a family therapist with the savvy of an expert in American film, Talking Pictures helps address difficult questions about divorce, marriage, family, love, gender identity, social ethics, separation and loss, friendship, death, illness, substance abuse, and more. Divided into four age ranges to ensure that films and topics are age-appropriate, the book offers pointers for starting discussion, conversational techniques to draw out the most recalcitrant child, and suggested films to watch together, all of them widely available at video rental outlets. Dr. Ronald Madison is a psychologist who has worked with families for more than 25 years, using film as a therapeutic tool for communication. Corey Schmidt is a freelance writer and film enthusiast.

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Mar 30, 2001
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