Marriage In Motion

The Natural Ebb & Flow Of Lasting Relationships


By Richard Schwartz

By Jacqueline Olds

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From one day to the next, there is no such thing as constancy in a marital relationship. When we are moving toward one another, we feel the joy of increased intimacy. When we are moving away from one another, we feel sad, irritated, or angry, or we tend not notice the shift in intimacy at all. The longtime effect of this drifting apart can be miscommunication at best, separation or divorce at worst.Drawing on case studies to dramatize the natural rhythms of relationships, Marriage in Motion teaches readers to embrace change at the individual level and to monitor the ebb and flow of their marital lives. Just as we can predict the tides, we can predict change at certain stages on life’s way–when we have children, when we lose or give up a career, when our parents die. Using the inherent strength of the marriage covenant, we can channel the way in which we deal with and incorporate those changes. Champions of keeping love and intimacy alive within a marriage, Professors Olds and Schwartz provide thoughtful support and wise counsel for couples at every stage of their partnership.


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Sep 13, 2002
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Richard Schwartz

About the Author

Richard S. Schwartz is an adult psychiatrist and associate clinical professor at Harvard Medical School; Jacqueline Olds is a child and adult psychiatrist and an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School. They both teach within the Massachussetts General Hospital-McLean Hospital Combined Residency Programs. Married to each other and with two children in college, they each maintain a private practice in Cambridge, Massachussets, Their website address is

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