Trump's War

His Battle for America


By Michael Savage

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In the #1 New York Times bestseller TRUMP’S WAR, the “Godfather of Trumpmania,” Michael Savage, examines the initial appointments, speeches, tweets and history of President Donald Trump and offers his insights and analysis.

The man many consider to be the determining factor in driving Trump over the finish line by motivating millions of undecideds and the “Deplorables,” who would have otherwise sat out the election, provides a crucial first look at the early direction of the Trump presidency.

Savage has waged a twenty-five year war on the radio to save America’s borders, language and culture from a progressive onslaught that is already turning Europe into a socialist, multiculturalist nightmare, where violent gangs of radical Islamic refugees terrorize defenseless citizens on a daily basis.

While most in the chattering classes around the world dismissed Trump’s campaign, conservative radio icon Dr. Michael Savage championed Trump’s platform and helped him galvanize the support of disaffected middle Americans left behind by the globalist central planners in their distant capitol.

Savage’s army of listeners on The Savage Nation was instrumental in electing Donald Trump to take the fight to Washington. But electoral victory was only the beginning. Trump now has an even bigger challenge in delivering on the promises he made to millions of American voters.




I am not a guru. I am not a leader. I am a broadcaster and a writer who can think. In that sense, what you see is what you get: a man of the people, who helped lead this revolution that gave us Donald Trump. In that sense, I am much like the thinkers and writers who helped lead the revolution 241 years ago. That first American Revolution was as much a revolution of ideas as political institutions, just like ours today. And it wasn't led by peasants, like the disastrous French Revolution which immediately followed it. It was led by men of ideas.


When British subjects fired on British troops at Lexington and Concord, they called it the shot heard round the world. That's because it didn't just send a message to King George III. It sent a message to tyrants and the smug intelligentsia all over the world: the workingman, the oppressed citizenry, had had enough.

Donald Trump's startling victory last November was another shot heard round the world. Obama and Clinton had been confident in their ivory tower—if power-mad pols can even have ivory towers. But I saw the revolution coming. I saw it before President Trump did. The people—I call them "the Eddies and the Ediths," the common men and women—were quietly restless. They called me on The Savage Nation to express their concerns and discontent. Whenever then-candidate Donald Trump came on the show, I told him: listen to the people and you can't go wrong. He had already used my philosophy of "borders, language, culture" to build his own electoral base. He heeded the advice I gave him and now he is president of the United States. In fact, many people have told me that President Trump's entire campaign sounded like he was reading my books off a teleprompter.

So, we fired a shot but we also dodged a bullet, friends. Not a bullet from the guns Hillary Clinton would have taken from us, but a national disaster, one that went far beyond the tragedy of four more years of the progressive Obama agenda. You see, the Boston Tea Party was all about a crooked trade deal. The colonists were being taxed without representation so they let the king, Parliament, and the complicit East India Tea Company know that they weren't going to stand for it.

Did you ever wonder why "free trade" agreements like North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are thousands of pages long? It's because they're not about free trade. They're about granting privileges to government-connected special interests, just like the king granted them to his corporations. But the corruption goes far beyond cronyism. For all Americans who lost their manufacturing jobs because of these deals, Hillary Clinton offered to put them on welfare. She and the Establishment wanted to make them dependent, wanted to make them perpetual Democrat voters—something that exceeded the ambition of even the autocrats in eighteenth-century London.

The upshot of that would have been something straight out of Orwell, with an anesthetized populace controlled by an elite ruling class. And the progressives had the nerve to call Republicans trickle-down fascists? The bullet we dodged was a permanent move to European-style socialism and the destruction of our once-robust national character.

So, the leftward march has been halted for now, and none too soon. When the Supreme Court told Americans of every state it was overturning their laws concerning gay marriage, it was no different than the English Parliament telling Massachusetts its local legislature could no longer make its own laws. From then on, Washington was going to decide how marriage is governed in all fifty states. It's not a matter of whether gay marriage itself is right or wrong. It's a matter of who decides.

Prior to the Court's unprecedented overreach, states were deciding the matter on their own, which was as it should be. The Civil War wasn't only about slavery, it was about this core concept of the American ideal: states' rights. Choice. Why should a woman get to "choose" what to do with her body while a state cannot decide what to do with its own body politic?

Some states made gay marriage legal; others prohibited it. That was done by democratic vote according to long-standing local values. Yet for all their talk about "diversity," liberals would brook no diversity on this matter. Anyone who had reservations was branded a bigot or a rube whose views were to be ignored as an impediment to "progress." Unless, of course, you were a Muslim, in which case Imam Obama would look the other way. He and his fellow progs also averted their watery eyes when gays and women were abused by "friendly" nations like Saudi Arabia. This was by no means the first or the last time Obama's Washington had forced its will upon average Americans. They did the same thing when they passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote. Obama did it himself when he wrote executive orders to nullify immigration laws, regulate the coal industry out of business, and force public schools to allow confused boys to use the girls' restroom and vice versa.

For eight long years, the people suffered this long train of abuses, along with the insults and accusations of racism and bigotry whenever they objected. Until last November, when all of us pushed back.

The war for independence wasn't won at Lexington and Concord in 1775. That was only the beginning. The colonists would have to fight the mightiest empire in the world for eight long years before their independence was finally secured.

Trump and the patriots who elected him are going to have to fight their own eight-year war as well. The question is, what will that war look like? How is Donald Trump going to make good on all his campaign promises?

To begin with, he has already made good on some essentials. The First Amendment will be safe under Trump. No matter what else he does or doesn't do, Donald Trump is never going to attack talk radio, as Hatchet Hillary promised to do. I can guarantee you there will be no return to the "Fairness Doctrine," which was abolished in 1987. That bit of idiocy was enacted by the Federal Communications Commission, which sought to guarantee a diversity of viewpoints.

Neither is a Trump administration going to touch your guns. By appointing the next three judges to the Supreme Court, Trump may very well save the Second Amendment for the next forty years.

Perhaps most important, we're not going to be at war with Russia. As I said in my last book, Scorched Earth, it's "life under Trump, death under Clinton." President Trump is going to repair our relationship with Russia in a way Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's community destroyers like Secretary of Misstate John Kerry could never achieve. Trump decided to speak with Russian president Vladimir Putin before he even took office. Why? Because on October 17, 2016, less than a month before Election Day, Trump appeared on my show and I got that commitment from him.

The liberal media went insane. They all wanted war with Russia. It would have sold newspapers. It would have been good for defense contractors, who are all in bed with the politicians and media in the swamp. But it wouldn't have been good for America.

So, there is much to be thankful for. But now that Donald Trump has won the election, it's our job to make sure he does what we sent him to Washington to do: drain the swamp.

It's not going to be easy. There are armies of special interests on the right and on the left who stand to lose trillions as the forty-fifth president rolls up his sleeves. It's time for all of us to prepare for Trump's War.

I decided to write this book as a battle plan. I was curious myself about how President Trump could make good on his promises, not just because they were big and unprecedented, but because he would face opposition to so many of them.

The "big and unprecedented" part doesn't worry me. Americans are at their best tackling the previously impossible, whether it is throwing off a tyrant or going to the moon. I am more concerned with the steps, the map, the how-to. Not just for the president, but for all of us. Though I will say this about Donald Trump. His biggest fight will not be keeping his promises but avoiding the pitfall of almost every public servant from small-town first selectman to commander in chief: temptation. The temptation to be assimilated into the Washington morass is powerful. Surrounded by "yes" men and women who will say anything you want to hear, possessing more power than any human being in history, you become convinced of your own—dare I say it?—your own divinity.

That's right. Obama succumbed. So did the Clintons. They didn't learn from the history they were supposedly taught in school. Maybe Barry Obama was busy doing "a little blow" during those classes, as he once admitted. In Imperial Rome, generals riding through the city in a triumphant celebration were accompanied by an auriga, a slave, who repeatedly whispered in their ear, "Memento homo."

"Remember, you are only a man."


No it's not going to be easy. There are armies of special interests on the right and the left that have trillions to lose if we succeed in restoring this nation. They're going to fight hard to hold on to their ill-gotten gains, just as the British tried to hold on to their colonies. The celebration ends today. It's time to prepare for Trump's War.

Only we won't be fighting on battlefields with rifles. We will be fighting an entrenched Establishment whose weapons of mass destruction are far more devious than those of King George III. Instead of cannons and muskets, the Establishment uses a corrupt media and an insidious network of violent agitators to wage a psychological war, instead of a military one. Instead of shelling your town, they seek to imprison your mind with political correctness, envy politics, and intimidation.

The riots started before Trump even took office. Just days after his election, the George Soros–funded network of brownshirts took to the streets to block traffic,1 loot businesses,2 and assault anyone suspected of having voted for Trump.3 It was just a continuation of the street violence that has proliferated under Emperor Barry's anti-police, anti-American regime.

You may not realize how bad it was, because the lying media didn't call any of this rioting. No, these brownshirt street thugs were "protesters."4 They were "exercising their First Amendment rights." Can you believe that? For weeks after the third presidential debate, all we heard from the News Klux Klan (NKK) was the potential for violence from Trump supporters if he didn't accept the results of the election. Now, when Hatchet Hillary's supporters actually commit violence in the streets, they're called protesters instead of rioters. It's like something out of Orwell.

Let's not forget these aren't spontaneous, grassroots uprisings by honestly concerned liberals. These are organized, criminal mobs, funded by George Soros5 to wreak chaos on American cities. NKK conspirator USA Today tried to discredit claims the protests were organized professionally, but WikiLeaks showed it were lying.6 They named three different people who were supposedly just "concerned citizens from all walks of life." But they were all people John Podesta identified as professional activists and Democratic Party operatives in his leaked e-mails.

Violence is an integral part of the left-wing worldview. As I've said for decades, including in many of my books, their only vision is "Burn it down, baby." They haven't changed since the French Revolution in 1789, a bloody reign of terror that lasted a decade.

But Trump isn't just fighting the Jacobin left. He's also fighting the Establishment in his own party, which in many ways is even more dangerous than the Democrats. We know what we're up against with the Democrats. They're honest about their hatred of American culture and their desire to "transform" America from a free country of capitalism, individual liberty, and Western values to a totalitarian state of socialism, collectivism, and multicultural chaos.

Republicans claim to oppose all of this, but what have they actually done? Did George W. Bush make any effort to secure our borders? No. Did he stand up for free markets? No. When corporate thieves ripped off investors with fraudulent accounting early in his presidency, Bush responded with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, saying it was "the most far-reaching reforms of American business practices since the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt."7

When the Federal Reserve blew up the housing bubble, exacerbated by the Community Reinvestment Act, did Bush put the blame where it belonged? No. He said, "Wall Street got drunk,"8 and then bailed out all his friends with TARP, instead of letting them go bankrupt and get taken over by the people who didn't gamble on risky securities.

What about all those young, true conservatives we elected in 2012? Do you remember them? I have a list of their names. Did the Republican leadership support them? No. They got stabbed in the back by Boehner and McConnell, who went along with the Democrats on virtually everything. Now their altar boy Rinso Priebus is chief of staff.

Immediately following Trump's acceptance speech, Mitch McConnell was in front of the media saying the Republican Senate was not going to support any of Trump's First 100 Days Agenda, except for repealing Obamacare.9 Term limits for Congress? Forget it. The border wall? No. TPP? Too late. NATO? We like it just fine how it is.


There's an old legend that Washington, D.C., was built on a swamp. The enlightened ones over at the Washington Post say10 that's not literally true. But it sure is true figuratively. In addition to all the horrible idealogues, from insane liberals to bloodthirsty neoconservatives to ivory tower academics, there is also the oozing sludge of plain old corruption, drowning any honest attempt to represent the people in its filthy slime.

McConnell doesn't want to drain the swamp. Why would he? He's a swamp dweller, like his co-conspirators John "the Deranged Drunk" Boehner and Paul "Obama's Beard" Ryan. They're all part of the bought-and-sold Republican Party, which is wholly owned by Wall Street and corporate America.

We found out just how deep the swamp water was on the very first day of business for the new Republican Congress. Was their first order of business to introduce a bill cutting taxes, or authorize funds to build the border wall Americans elected Trump to build, or even to repeal Obamacare, the one thing even Turkey Gobbler McConnell said the RINOs would work with Trump to do?

No. Before the echoes from the first gavel had even subsided, they had moved to weaken the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), an office created in 2008 to address widespread scandals and corruption in Congress. They sought to turn the independent board into a review panel that answered to the House Ethics Committee, whose ineffectiveness was the whole reason the OCE was created in the first place.

Perhaps you don't remember how bad things had become before the board was created. I do. I remember when the FBI raided Louisiana Democrat representative William Jefferson's home and found $90,000 in his freezer.11 Jefferson was convicted of eleven counts of corruption, including soliciting bribes and other crimes.12

But those convicted are only the tip of the iceberg. They are the ones arrogant, unlucky, or stupid enough to get caught. The entire capital is a self-serving cesspool of graft, quid pro quo, and backroom deals. It's corporations offering future jobs to regulators in exchange for the privilege of writing the regulations that give them an artificial advantage in the market. It's the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington, where certain bankers become high-ranking government officials and then return to reap the rewards of the deals they did while in public office.

The good news is Trump won the first skirmish against the RINOs seeking to give themselves a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card on their first day in office. Using his signature response weapon, the well-timed tweet, Trump called the Republican Congress to task for making this the first order of business in a year where the people's expectations were so high. And the RINOs backed down13—this time. The OCE was kept intact and operating just as it has for the past eight years.

But it's a sign Trump and his supporters are going to have to be vigilant. We're going to have to watch these snakes every minute for four to eight long years because they've already shown whose side they're on—their own.

In addition to the liberals, the neocons, the war profiteers, the corporate lobbyists, and the evil of the place itself, Donald Trump must fight what, again, might be the most formidable enemy he faces: temptation. The temptation to be assimilated into the Washington swamp, instead of draining it, is powerful. How many conservatives in the past have gone to Washington intending to change it and ended up being changed themselves instead? How many have heard the siren song of easy money and privilege, if only they would go along to get along?

Trump doesn't need the money, but he's a businessman. As he's said himself during the campaign, he gets along with everyone. That's how you build a successful business in the private sector, because the private sector works on cooperation and mutual benefit. Business owners get wealthier when they please customers.

Washington works on precisely the opposite incentives. The insiders cooperate with each other, but to the detriment of the public, not its benefit. Getting anything done at all usually means compromising your principles and betraying your constituents. Trump not only has the opposing party to deal with; he has lifelong insiders in his own administration who don't know another way to play the game.

Two days after Trump's election, the consummate insider, Newt Gingrich, was already equivocating on Trump's first promise: to build a wall on the southern border and get Mexico to pay for it. Getting Mexico to pay was just a "great campaign device," according to Gingrich.14 The following Saturday, Trump was backing up on the wall itself.15 Now, the wall might just be a fence. What does that mean? A cyclone fence? A picket fence? Maybe the Mexicans will carry the pickets with them into Arizona and put them where they want.

There was more backpedaling from Trump's appointees during their confirmation hearings. Secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson said he supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), even though opposing it was a key plank of Trump's economic platform. Defense secretary nominee James Mattis sounded more like Hillary Clinton on NATO and Russia and said he thought the Iran deal was "workable."16

Tillerson and CIA director nominee Mike Pompeo were also hawkish on Russia, sounding more like neocon ventriloquists than Trump nominees with their comments on Ukraine, hacking, and the nonexistent Russian threat to Europe.17

Homeland security secretary nominee John Kelly said "undocumented children who are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program would 'probably not be at the top of the list' and that he would 'keep an open mind.'"18

Keep an open mind on illegal immigration? Who appointed this man, Trump or Obama?

There were too many departures from Trump's platform for me to list them all. They were so striking that Trump himself apparently felt he had to cover for them on Twitter. A January 13 tweet read, "All of my Cabinet nominee [sic] are looking good and doing a great job. I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!"19

Trump erased all doubt that he personally would follow through on his key promises by signing several executive orders during his very first week, including withdrawing from TPP, building the wall, a freeze on nonmilitary federal employees, defunding international organizations who perform abortions, banning cabinet members from lobbying for life, and suspending immigration from countries already identified as hotbeds of radical Islamic terrorism. He faced opposition on all of them, the most hostile regarding his suspension of immigration from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.20

Not surprisingly, the executive action most beneficial to U.S. citizens is the one most resisted by the globalists in the swamp. Immediately, the ACLU got a federal judge to partially undermine Trump's order on a legal technicality that may eventually be overturned.21 In general, the executive order follows the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, the relevant sections of which were never overturned by subsequent immigration law. In fact, contrary to what is being reported by many of the fake news outlets lined up against Trump, Obama signed legislation extending the president's authority in this area.22

Still, these were huge victories for us. We just need to maintain our resolve because the enemies within are going to try to overturn every one of these actions by Trump by any means possible. And the liberal media will wage a nonstop propaganda war to weaken our commitment.

We can't expect one hundred percent of what he promised, but we must ensure the main campaign promises are fulfilled. they include the wall, jobs, deporting illegal alien prisoners, banning Muslims from certain countries where radical Islamic terrorism is prevalent, lowering taxes, protecting our right to bear arms, dumping Obamacare, rebuilding our military, protecting our religious beliefs from radicals, stopping late-term abortion, just to name a few key promises. I will continue to do my job as a member of the Fourth Estate: to be a thorn in the government's side, even Donald Trump's government, if it goes off course. I will need your help. The Savage Nation put Donald Trump in office. That was just the first battle. Now we're going to have to win the war.

In the ensuing chapters of this book, I am going to be examining the initial appointments, speeches, tweets, and history of Donald Trump and offering my insights and analysis. But analysis is not enough. We need to take action. At the beginning of each chapter, I am going to summarize the "Savage Solutions" needed to restore and reclaim this nation, which is presently teetering on the edge of the abyss. We need to stand behind Trump and, when necessary, hold his feet to the fire, to ensure the vital work gets done. As with the election, it's the Savage Nation that can make the difference.




Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders agree on one thing: The economy is rigged. It's rigged for rich special interests and against the rest of America. Wall Street keeps getting richer and Main Street is, for the first time in American history, getting poorer. On that much, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and even Michael Savage agree.

We disagree on what to do about it. Comrade Bernie thinks we need even more socialism. Unfortunately, a lot of young people agree with him. Donald Trump and I believe exactly the opposite.

What we need is more true capitalism, as opposed to the pro-big-business, crony capitalism we have now. Pro-business and capitalism are not the same thing. Capitalism has open competition and people suffer losses when they make bad decisions. What we have now are sellout deals that restrict competition and bailouts whenever the gamblers make a bad bet.

The elites like to call Trump a "populist," implying he's an anti-capitalist demagogue promising to protect uneducated rubes from the natural consequences of the free market. That's a lie. It's the special interests who get protection from natural market forces and Trump's coming to take it away. He's going to try to restore the one thing the elites fear most: a level playing field for every American.


On Donald Trump's first business day as president of the United States, he signed an executive order pulling the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. He immediately faced criticism for keeping this promise to his supporters from Democrats and Republicans, who were all suddenly academic free-market purists when Trump sided with the American people over the special interests.

Let me let you in on some more history they didn't have time to teach you while you were studying climate change in school. In addition to government-funded roads and infrastructure, the Republican Party originally supported high tariffs. Like infrastructure, they inherited this idea from the Whig Party, but it really started all the way back with Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists. The Federalists, Whigs, and Republicans all wanted high tariffs to give American manufacturing a chance to grow out of its infancy, without having to compete with more established manufacturing abroad.

So, when you hear Republicans opposing Trump on his America-first trade policies, you should know it's Trump who is being true to the GOP's founding principles, not the sellouts. But Trump isn't even proposing the kind of protectionism Republicans in the past proposed. America isn't in the same position it was back then.

Trump has said many times he's all for "free trade," but it must be fair. This has been my position for decades. A true free-trade deal would only have to be a sentence or two long. It would simply say all signatories agree they will not impose tariffs or quotas on imports and won't subsidize domestic manufacturers nor manipulate their currency to give them an artificial advantage. Period. That's free trade.

That's not what the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is. If you haven't read them, I'll give you a hint. They're a little more than two sentences long. They're thousands of pages long because they're full of all sorts of backroom deals for established corporations to get rich and leave American workers behind. And they don't offer the same benefits to the United States that they do to the other trading partners.

For example, when NAFTA was signed, it eliminated tariffs on half of all Mexican imports into the United States, but only one-third of U.S. exports into Mexico.1 Right off the bat the United States agreed to an unequal exchange, based on Mexico being a poorer country that needed America's help to catch up.

This is a recurring theme with the progressive globalists. They believe wealth should be redistributed from First World countries to the Third World through all sorts of schemes.2 You wouldn't find Democrats backing a "free trade" deal unless there was a welfare component. For them, it's all about redistributing wealth from rich countries like the United States to destitute countries, which are of course all nobler than evil white America, no matter why they are destitute.

Even the climate change hoax is largely about international wealth redistribution,3 but that is a subject for another chapter.


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