Midnight Lullabies

Moments of Peace for Moms


By Lauren Eberspacher

Read by Lauren Eberspacher

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Usher the peace of Jesus back into motherhood with Lauren Eberspacher’s 31-day devotional, Midnight Lullibies.

Often, mothers are told about the joyful, exciting things that they are about to embark on as they enter into parenthood. What people fail to share is the hard seasons of motherhood: loneliness, anxiety, depression, insecurity, comparison, disconnect with the Lord and their husbands, and loss of identity. These seasons can consume their hearts and steal their joy, leaving them hopeless and full of shame. Most mothers hide during this time, thinking that they are alone or that something is wrong with them. The simple truth is that having children changes everything. But so does Jesus. His Word can breathe life into every space, and Midnight Lullabies meets the weary mama in the trenches of motherhood while she does Kingdom work within the four walls of her home, shining light and giving hope when it seems most far away.

In Midnight Lullabies, over 31 days, Lauren Eberspacher explores those places of motherhood that are often left unspoken. While embarking on her own journey of being a mama, she has encountered seasons that shocked and surprised her. But there is always hope. As a storyteller, Lauren takes the everyday moments and gives biblical insight to the mother facing these hard seasons, giving the reader a sense that they are having a conversation with a friend around a cozy kitchen table.

Mothers often just want to hear another mom say she’s in it with them. And when Eberspacher addresses these hard issues, she not only says, “I’ve been there; I understand,” but she follows it with, “But God.” Eberspacher shows that Jesus can be found in every moment of motherhood and that His strength and His Word are enough for you.


  • "This is a book I wish I had seven years ago as I cradled my first baby. It wraps up all of the big, and sometimes scary emotions of motherhood in truth. It silences lies, some that we didn't even know we were telling ourselves. Proverbs 12:20 tell us that 'Those who plan peace have joy,' and each chapter of this book is a strategic step in that Peace Plan. Lauren sheds light on many of the subjects I grapple with regularly as a mom, as well as some areas that I did not know I was neglecting. In grace, she provides simple yet powerful next steps to be taken toward a more peace-filled mamahood. This is a book I will be gifting to many mama friends, and it is one I will be revisiting myself throughout the many stages of motherhood."
    Eryn Lynum, Speaker and Author of 936 Pennies: Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting
  • "Lauren is an unparalleled prayer warrior. And for someone like me, who struggles to even remember to pray, let alone do so coherently-her easy, breezy way of talking to God is a welcome source of light inside a dark and consuming cave. Lauren's devotional offers up actionable steps for wrangling the wild, unruly emotions of motherhood-as well as a daily dose of hope-fueled encouragement designed to help us release our self-imposed shame and grab hold of our sustaining 'even though.' This book belongs on nightstands everywhere. There won't be a copy without dog-eared corners, a cracked spine, and beautiful stains of hot tears of relief over Lauren's life-giving words."
    Jodie Utter, writer and blogger at Utter Imperfection
  • "Lauren's vulnerability and relatability are unmatched. Women will close Midnight Lullabies feeling understood, encouraged, comforted and pointed north to the one who calls them worthy even when they feel anything but."
    Jillian Benfield, Special Needs Mom, owner of JillianBenfield.com
  • "Lauren's words need to be read by women in the trenches of motherhood. You'll cry, you'll smile, you will relate to every beautiful mess found between these pages."Mothers are busy and we don't make enough time to find God in our everyday lives. But you can find Him in Midnight Lullabies. The daily chapters walk you through the muck of those tough years when our kids are young and our marriages are pushed to their limits."And if you get distracted by a crying baby or a hungry husband, you can put the book down and pick it back up, right where you left it, with ease."There aren't enough women telling the world to love our husbands, (yes, even when they make us mad), to love ourselves, (yes, even when we doubt) and most of all, to love God. Lauren does that. You'll love Midnight Lullabies. You'll love Lauren Eberspacher. We all do."
    Leslie Means, Founder and owner of Her View From Home, 2018
  • "The authentic and heartfelt writings of midnight lullabies met me in motherhood with the truth and hope that my weary soul needed. Lauren's words bring biblical truth to every mother and make you feel like you're sitting with a friend over coffee. You can feel Lauren's soul in her writing, and I can always count on her words for encouragement."
    Caitlin Henderson, Faith, Farming, and Family
  • "I have been in love with Lauren's beautiful, faith-filled writing for years. And Midnight Lullabies was no exception. Her message always comes from a place of genuine, honest love for the Lord and her readers. When Midnight Lullabies became part of my morning devotion, I started every day with tears in my eyes, peace in my heart, and a new outlook on how to overcome the challenges of motherhood."
    Terryn Drieling, Faith Family & Beef
  • "As the director of Mom's Connection, a faith based group for mothers, I believe Midnight Lullabies is a much needed resource and devotional for moms. Moms need daily encouragement, but are often over looked as they go about meeting the needs of everyone else in the family. Lauren has done a wonderful job of exploring so thoughtfully the different issues moms face while offering great hope! The 'one step into' part of each devotional helps women put application to what's been shared, which is a crucial step in anyone's faith walk."
    Sherry White, The Messy Christian blog
  • "Lauren's servant heart shines as brightly as the stars in the pages of Midnight Lullabies. Lauren shares openly, honestly, and with refreshing relatability about both the deep challenge and immense joy of motherhood. Her words are rooted in truth, and steeped in the hope of Christ. A must-have for busy moms who are yearning for moments of peace in the midst of motherhood."
    Carolyn Moore, editor, Her View from Home
  • "Midnight Lullabies champions a mama's heart and soothes a mama's soul. Lauren has a way of reaching her hand out through the words she's penned to grasp the hand of the woman reading them. She offers camaraderie in the loneliness and understanding in the trenches of motherhood, while helping mamas navigate their emotions with the truth of God's word. Lauren's empathetic nature embraces a mama's soul, allowing her to feel heard and understood in her struggles, while also sharing practical steps to help her traverse the struggle and claim God's peace. More than anything, Midnight Lullabies shares not only encouragement for the day, but hope for eternity through the love and grace we find in Jesus Christ."
    Ginger Hughes, author of the blog No Mama's Perfect
  • "Motherhood can be a lonely endeavor and no woman should have to do it alone. In Midnight Lullabies Lauren becomes the friend, the witness, and the inspiration to mothers everywhere who are struggling in the trenches."
    Liz Petrone, writer at lizpetrone.com and author of the upcoming book The Price of Admission
  • "Lauren Eberspacher's writing is consistently relatable, meaningful, and uplifting. Whether she's tackling topics like post-pregnancy weight gain, post-kid date nights, or postpartum depression, Lauren gives voice to the true thoughts percolating in other mom's subconscious (but exhausted!) minds. Even better, she helps her fellow moms feel more grounded and less alone."
    Laura Coffey, editor of the TODAY Show's Parenting Team community and bestselling author of My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts
  • "There's a magic in how she gets you to listen and the most important piece of this magic is that you are made to feel like you matter and that you're never really alone. If I had to choose one writer to read each and every day exclusively it would without any doubt be Lauren Eberspacher!"
    Lisa Leshaw, M.S. CMHC, Leader of women's counseling groups, Writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul and Huffington Post, 2018
  • "As Lauren Eberspacher's pastor, I have had the privilege of getting to know her in the full spectrum of ministry, personal, and family settings. She is a passionate pursuer of God's truth and has a winsome way of articulating it as she writes with authenticity about the ordinary - and not so ordinary - experiences of everyday life. She also writes with the unusual combination of vulnerability and transparency coupled with wisdom beyond her years that leaves you wanting more. I have the highest confidence in the quality of Lauren's spiritual counsel which you will find seamlessly folded in with a good dose of tears and giggles."
    Jim Hight, D. Min., Lead Pastor of Beth-El Community Church, Milford, NE
  • "I have had the joy of watching Lauren mature and thrive in her role as wife and mother and have appreciated hearing her heart through her blog. Lauren's love for the Lord and desire to encourage young moms by sharing her real-life ups and downs comes through her authentic writing. Her writing not only brings much needed reassurance of God's presence through this season of life, but she also inspires all women's hearts to lean in and grasp the fullness of God's love. I pray that this devotional will encourage all of us to embrace how wide, how long, how high and how deep His love is, and may He strengthen those whose hearts belong to Him."
    Cindy Bentele, Bible Leading Teacher and Children's Director for international ministry
  • "Lauren's words are like a salve for the soul. Her raw honesty and vulnerability paint a realistic picture of motherhood that every woman can benefit from hearing.
    "Midnight Lullabies walks you through a hard-fought battle to tap into the grace and mercy that only a loving God can provide. Lauren's bravery sharing from the depths of a mother's post-partum journey, chronicling her painfully relatable road from the pit to the mountaintop.
    "Mamas, friends, you need these words. Read them, study them, and allow them to nourish your spirit."
    Brynn Burger, The Mama On The Rocks
  • "As moms, we are constantly bombarded with advice and encouragement. Breaking through all that noise is Lauren's voice. Not only is her voice genuine and authentic, but her words are also grounded in Christ's truth. Turn down the noise of this world with Lauren's daily devotional. You won't regret it. This devotional is a lifeline for all of us moms when we feel like we're in the trenches."
    Gloryanna Boge, writer at www.gloryannaboge.com
  • "As a mother of six I was captivated by Lauren's stories and prayers in Midnight Lullabies. She writes in a way that is relatable and comfortable yet it calls us to action leading us to pray without ceasing and encouraging us to deal with the difficult places in our lives. Midnight Lullabies invites us to look deep into our hearts and truly learn to walk closely with Jesus. This is a book that should be found on every woman's coffee table."
    Jennifer A. Kish, author, speaker and writer at Sprinkles In My Closet
  • "Midnight Lullabies: Moments of Peace for Moms is the perfect book for every mom who has ever felt alone, scared, and frustrated. Reading it is like being enveloped in a warm comforting hug by a good friend who understands what you are going through and is there to give you hope and strength."
    Tiffany O'Connor, co-author of the Unofficial Guidebook to Surviving series

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Lauren Eberspacher

About the Author

Lauren Eberspacher is a blogger and author, living intentionally for Jesus, with a desire to give heartfelt encouragement to the everyday mama and wife. At her blog, From Blacktop to Dirt Road (fromblacktoptodirtroad.com), she writes about all things faith, farm, and old-fashioned homemaking, sharing real-life moments with a healthy dose of laughter along the way.

Eberspacher’s deepest desire is to help other women break the stigma of seeking the world’s perfection, but instead help them seek the purification of Christ. She is just like every other mom out there in her sweat pants — an imperfect woman, serving a Perfect Savior and raising children for His glory.

Growing up a city girl in the suburbs of Kansas City as the daughter of a pastor, Eberspacher found herself in love with a farm boy from Nebraska, which took her from the city blacktop to the dirt road of their grain farm. She is a stay-at-home mom to her three small children, and learn-in-progress farm wife to her bearded farmer, Eric. They live in Milford, Nebraska.

Her writing has been published on many sites, including Her View From Home, the Today Show, FaithIt, Us Weekly, PopSugar Moms, Dearly, Love What Matters, and Simply Wholehearted.

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