Shape Up with the Slow Fat Triathlete

50 Ways to Kick Butt on the Field, in the Pool, or at the Gym -- No Matter What Your Size and Shape


By Jayne Williams

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Jayne Williams brings irreverent wit and a passion for movement to people who want a roadmap to real-life, functional fitness. Shape Up with the Slow Fat Triathlete is the antidote to fitness books that promise killer abs and deliver disappointment.

A mediocre athlete with a lifelong weight problem, Williams struggles with her own fitness demons, including self-consciousness, injuries, and yo-yo dieting. Now, she puts fun back into working out with realistic advice, zany anecdotes, and essential observations. With stories from other “imperfect athletes,” Williams’s fifty audacious tips help aspiring athletes of all flavors to kick butt on the trail, in the pool, or at the gym.

  • Library Journal, 10/24/08
    “Williams supplies tips for letting go of the worst obstacle of all—self-consciousness. At last something for real people; highly recommended.”
    Washington Post, 1/3/09
    “Williams's fitness books stand out for their humor.”
    Curve magazine, May 2009
    “If there is a messiah of fitness, she might be it….Williams writes in a funny, engaging style that encourages everyone to come along for the ride.”

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Dec 9, 2008
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Jayne Williams

About the Author

Jayne Williams lives with her husband in Northern California, writing for fun and paychecks. She has eaten raw reindeer in Siberia and completed 20-plus triathlons and one slow marathon.

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