Winning Your Audience

Deliver a Message with the Confidence of a President


By James Rosebush

Read by James Rosebush

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President Ronald Reagan taught James Rosebush to be an impactful speaker. Now he’s going to teach you.

Public speaking isn’t easy. Just ask anyone who’s ever blown a sales pitch, failed a class, or fumbled their way through a presentation because they froze up or couldn’t find the right words. No wonder more than 75 percent of people in the United States suffer from Glossophobia, the fear of speaking in front of crowds.

Luckily, public speaking isn’t some innate ability. It’s a skill. And given the right amount of time, energy, and perseverance, anyone can learn how it’s done.

In Winning Your Audience, James Rosebush draws on several decades of experience working with presidents, politicians, and business leaders to write his own manual for delivering a message with confidence. He looks back on the lessons he learned travelling the world with President Ronald Reagan, whom he served under for five years in the White House, and lays out the keys to “the Reagan speech template”: Question, Inform, Inspire, Ask.

Rosebush also studies some of the great political orators of our time. Vital lessons from the likes of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and President Donald Trump are distilled down to a few simple rules.

Among them are:
· Be authentic
· Know yourself
· Practice and rehearse…and then do it again
· Don’t care what your mother thinks of you

No matter what kind of speeches, toasts, or presentations you have to give, this book can help. Use it like a textbook. Write in the margins. Tear out pages. Winning Your Audience can make even the most timid speakers among us into a genuine leaders. Read it now and learn how to win your audience.

  • Praise for Winning Your Audience:
    Finally, after a lifetime of waiting, there arrives a book for all of us who've dealt with the dreaded prospect of having to stand before an audience and deliver a speech. And what a wonderful book it is. It would have been the perfect complement to the most valuable class I took in college.
    William F. Marshall, The Epoch Times
  • In Winning Your Audience, Rosebush shows the aspiring speaker and student of history how to ground words in reality. Better still, he does so in a way that is both informative and entertaining. This is a vanishing talent. How Rosebush preserved it inside the Beltway deserves another volume.
    Jack Cashill, American Thinker
  • Praise for James Rosebush's True Reagan:
    This book fills an important space in the Reagan literature. It gives readers an exciting understanding of the pace and texture of life in that dynamic President's White House.
    George F. Will, Syndicated Columnist
  • This up-close, personal account by a real White House insider gives us the best insight yet into who Ronald Reagan really was and what made him tick.
    Bob Schieffer, CBS News
  • Rosebush understands Reagan-what motivated him and what made him great. We need a whole lot more of Reagan's powerful moral courage and Jim Rosebush has shared what the President revealed to him on this subject during the years he worked in the White House. A must-read for anyone who loves Reagan and wants to understand him better. A blueprint for our current and future leaders. They could learn a lot from this book.
    Larry Kudlow, CNBC Senior Contributor, Radio Host of the nationally syndicated Larry Kudlow Show
  • This book leaves no doubt that Ronald Reagan was the most consequential President of the second half of the twentieth century. He was my model as Mayor of New York. The book should be required reading for all presidential candidates and voters.
    Rudolph W. Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City, and Associate Attorney General and U.S. Attorney appointed by President Ronald Reagan

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James Rosebush

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James Rosebush was a Deputy Assistant to President Reagan, the Chief of Staff to First Lady Nancy Reagan, and a Senior Advisor at the White House. For over twenty years he has been CEO of an international consulting firm, GrowthStrategy, Inc., advising on management strategies, finance, marketing, and communications, throughout the world. He lives in Washington, DC, with his wife, Nancy.

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