Inner Mastery, Outer Impact

How Your Five Core Energies Hold the Key to Success


By Hitendra Wadhwa, PhD

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Based on his highly popular Columbia Business School course “Personal Leadership & Success”, Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa shares key principles for how to pursue success by letting your true self shine through in everything you do.

In our pursuit of success, we often struggle to balance the world’s demands with our own dreams. Some of us pursue Outer Success, wanting to be liked and loved, supported and promoted. But in our quest for worldly glory, we may ignore the subtle stirring of our spirit, waking up one day to realize just how far we have drifted from our personal ideals. Others among us seek Inner Success, wanting the freedom to pursue our own calling. But in our quest to be true to ourselves, we may end up hurting, disappointing, or antagonizing others, straining relationships and being sidelined.

It seems that our drives for Outer and Inner Success are destined to clash. But perhaps that’s only because we’ve been searching for success in the wrong places. We can pursue from the place where our greatest potential is held, our Inner Core, by activating Five Core Energies: Purpose, Wisdom, Growth, Love, and Self-Realization.

Through extensive scientific research and masterful storytelling about exemplary figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Nelson Mandela—and everyday heroes drawn from Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa’s class at Columbia Business School and client workshops at Mentora Institute—readers arrive at timeless principles of success in life and leadership. Empowered by your Five Core Energies, you discover how to create outer impact from a place of inner mastery.

With a PhD in Management Science from MIT and a lifelong study of the world’s mystic traditions, Wadhwa brings a mathematician’s rigor and a truth-seeker’s spirit to some of today’s most vexing questions about authenticity, success, leadership, and human potential. This book shows how by activating your Inner Core and expressing it in everything you do, you create the conditions where Inner Success and Outer Success can flourish in mutual harmony.

  • “Reading a book is like having a conversation with an author. As a leader--and as a person--sit down with Hitendra for the conversation Inner Mastery, Outer Impact. You'll find yourself in dialogue with a wise and wonderful expert who has devoted himself to understanding, and explaining, why and how when you grow as a person, you grow as a leader.”
    Angela Duckworth, NYT Bestselling Author of Grit
  • "In this inspiring and energizing book, Hitendra Wadhwa ponders a question truth-seekers have asked for millennia: How can we find our true selves? His answers in Inner Mastery are clear, hopeful, and accessible to all."
    Arthur C. Brooks, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, and #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • "Hitendra Wadhwa has created a transformative guide in this masterful tapestry weaving biographical insights from wise leaders in our world with self-disclosing inner explorations of how to cultivate the equanimity and access to a 'core self' that can liberate us to create skillful outer action. This wonderful book is filled with 'aha' moments of intellectual surprise, compelling narrative suspense, and deep emotional and spiritual insights."
    Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Executive Director, Mindsight Institute, New York Times Bestselling author IntraConnected, Aware, and Mind
  • “This book is a user manual for life, as well as work. Hitendra breaks new ground by showing us that success in both life and work comes from the same source: the human spirit that lies at the core of our being. He charts a course each of us can take to pursue what we define as success.”
    Mick Ebeling, film producer and author of Not Impossible
  • "A master class in finding yourself, discovering your purpose and living the life you were called to live, for both the religious and secular person, by the teacher of Columbia Business School's most popular course.”
    James Martin, SJ, author of Learning to Pray
  • “Professor Wadhwa offers a superb integration of ancient and modern wisdom and argues that the most powerful path to leadership and success can be found within. Highly recommended!”
    David D. Burns, MD, author of Feeling Good
  • “In an ever-changing world filled with distractions and opportunities, it's challenging for many of us to harmonize who we are on the inside with who we think we should be on the outside. Inner Mastery, Outer Impact is an essential read for those of us who desire to live fully and freely by finding and following our inner voice.”
    Apolo Ohno, eight-time Olympian medalist
  • “Hitendra draws on many enriching scientific discoveries about human nature, charting a course for each of us on how to live and lead a meaningful life in our complicated world. He relates powerful stories of people whose actions will help you see how much magic and grace exists within the core of your being. Prepare to walk away with new, exhilarating understanding of humanity, life, and your own unique self.” 
    Scott Barry Kaufman
  • "Original, wise, and immensely useful: Hitendra Wadhwa takes us into the inner landscape of world-class leadership and provides us with the literary equivalent of a GPS device: a powerful, accessible framework by which we can not only understand how greatness emerges, but also how to nurture it in our own lives. An inspiring and essential read for anyone interested in leadership--or, for that matter, life itself." 
    Daniel Coyle, New York Times bestselling author of The Culture Code and The Talent Code
  • “Hitendra’s captivating tales integrating age-old teachings and insights will make you laugh and cry, and serve the catalyst for your inward journey to self-discovery. Hitendra’s compassion for humanity wrapped me in the warm cloak of his kindness and provided an unwavering beacon on the pathway to Inner Core. His steadfast guidance allowed me to emerge a more empathetic, self-aware friend, partner, parent, and leader. I have gifted this transformative treasure to every human I know. Don’t hesitate another moment in heeding the cry of your soul, and immerse yourself in Hitendra’s profound wisdom and precepts today!”
    Melissa Bernstein, cofounder of Melissa & Doug Toys and cofounder of Lifelines
  • "Hitendra's lessons are inspiring, valuable lessons for us all. This book addresses some of the most important areas where leaders and individuals go astray, and his lessons are life lessons, helping us better understand ourselves in meaningful, insightful ways and reaching our fullest potential. Hitendra's work on Inner Mastery, Outer Impact has been invaluable to me and to our company. This book is full of wisdom and inspiration. I strongly recommend Hitendra's book for other leaders, other organizations and for those who strive to improve themselves and the world around them."
    Craig Boyan, President, H-E-B
  • "Hitendra has spent decades integrating the powerful ancient teachings with the modern science of human potential. In this way, he himself is a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. His book shows us that we already possess power and peace inside us that is beyond what we can imagine and provides a path for us to realize this on our own. This book is a source of bright light for all." 
    David Greenspan, Founder, Slate Path Capital and Board Member, Columbia Business School
  • "A profound, yet highly relatable book written from deep insights, wisdom and caring.  It will draw out the better leader, follower and person in you."
    Vinod Kumar, CEO, Vodafone Business
  • "Hitendra Wadhwa has been teaching the wildly overenrolled course to the current and future elite of American business. The award-winning professor promises not how to make a living but how to live."
    Psychology Today
  • "Wadhwa believes every employee should be encouraged to practice what he calls personal leadership. What’s personal leadership? It’s all about bringing out the best in yourself, the best in others and the best in all situations."
  • “The biographical narratives humanize the scientific findings..., making for a winning mixture. Readers tired of self-help platitudes are sure to appreciate the substance here.”
    Publisher's Weekly
  • "The [Indian-American] guru with an unlikely message for the high-flying world of finance and business: Aim for spiritual understanding as well as material success. His lessons are about how to be a master of yourself before trying to be a master of the universe."
    BBC World Service

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Hitendra Wadhwa, PhD

About the Author

Hitendra Wadhwa is the founder of the Mentora Institute and Mentora Foundation, host of the podcast Intersections, and a Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School, where he teaches Columbia’s most popular MBA leadership course, for which he has won the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence. His widely acclaimed research and teaching on leadership have been covered by Fortune, CNN, Psychology Today, BBC World Service, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc., and Forbes.

Wadhwa’s Mentora Institute is at the forefront of creating a new model of leadership for the 21st century. His clients include Accenture, Chevron, Kraft Heinz, Lululemon, Morgan Stanley, The New York Times, SAP, United Health Group and more. His nonprofit Mentora Foundation is committed to building a principled world by strengthening the moral, mental, and social fibers in their families, organizations, communities, and nations.  

Previously, Wadhwa was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company and the CEO/founder of a Silicon Valley start-up, Paramark, which was twice recognized as a Top-100 Internet technology company by Technologic Partners/Venture Wire.

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