Keep Finance Personal

Ditch the “Shoulds” and the Shame and Rewrite Your Money Story


By Ellyce Fulmore

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An intersectional approach to personal finance from queer, neurodivergent personal finance educator and TikToker, Ellyce Fulmore.

There’s no magic formula for being “good with money.” The perfect budgeting spreadsheet or debt repayment plan will never address the root of your money issues. Ellyce Fulmore’s aha moment for her own financial health came when she realized that the reason she and so many others have struggled to pay off debt, stick to a budget, or build savings has little to do with being “bad at money.” Instead, it has everything to do with not fully understanding how their identity and lived experience affect their financial decisions.
Now in Keep Finance Personal, Ellyce shares outside the box advice that will help readers find the financial security and confidence they crave. With chapters focusing on the importance of finding safe spaces when dealing with your finances, personal values, relationship dynamics, vices and coping mechanisms, this is not your typical financial advice book. Ellyce asks readers to engage with how their upbringing, gender identity, culture, and mental health impact their decisions, and guides them through self-exploration exercises that will lead them to change their relationship with money.

This book is for the lesbian couple searching for a place to rent, the neurodivergent person struggling with impulse spending, the woman facing sexism at her local bank—all the people that don’t fit into the mold that traditional finance advice is aimed at. Filled with interviews from a diverse range of voices, Keep Finance Personal provides a path to develop a healthy money mindset, learn key money management skills, and understand the intersectionality of money and identity so you can take control of your financial life in authentic, empowered way. 



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Jan 23, 2024
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Ellyce Fulmore

About the Author

Ellyce Fulmore is a queer, neurodivergent, millennial financial educator and TikTok personality who posts financial content for a Gen Z and Millennial audience. She offers self-led courses, a twelve-week ADHD money management program, and personal finance coaching. To her audience of over half a million, she explains how understanding your own identity and lived experience can help lead to financial wellness.
TikTok: IG: @ellyce.fulmore

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