The Big Bang Theory Book of Lists

The Official Guide to Characters, Quotes, Timelines, and Memorable Moments


By Bryan Young

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Celebrate the nerdiest friend group with this ultimate fan guide packed with trivia, facts, and memories from all twelve seasons of The Big Bang Theory

With more than 100 inventive lists, charts, and timelines, The Big Bang Theory Book of Lists offers fans a creative way of looking at and celebrating the iconic and beloved early 2000s sitcom. Revisit some of your favorite moments, pairings, cameos, and geeky references (or test your super-fan knowledge) with these fun groupings exploring the variables of life in apartment 4A.

Lists include:
  • Timelines of all the characters, their romantic partnerships, vows, and weddings  
  • Analysis of Sheldon's Public Restroom Kit
  • All of Penny’s Relationship Advice
  • Pictorial Records for Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette
  • Record of all of the guests (cameos) in the apartment
  • Diagram of The Universe of All Women
  • Everything that's in Bernadette's Grab Bag
  • A break-down of all of Sheldon's geeky shirts and their references
And more!

Illustrated with full-color photographs and visuals from the show throughout, The Big Bang Theory Book of Lists is an officially licensed, must-have collector's item for the ultimate fan.

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