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Erasing the Finish Line

The New Blueprint for Success Beyond Grades and College Admission

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Aug 29, 2023

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Transform future generations by helping our kids develop the skills needed to navigate a high-tech, pandemic-adjusted world. Renowned teen and millennial expert, author, speaker, and educator Ana Homayoun provides practical, refreshing insights for parents and educators to focus less on tests, grades and college admissions—and more on our children’s well-being, fulfillment and long-term success. 

What if getting into a top four-year college is no longer the holy grail of success that it once seemed to be? What if the key to kids achieving their potential in life has less to do with grades or test scores and more to do with critical skills that are overlooked in schools? 
Erasing the Finish Line offers a groundbreaking new way of thinking about education, for parents, teachers, administrators and policymakers deeply invested in our children’s emotional development and well-being.  Academic counselor Ana Homayoun argues that we have to fundamentally redefine success in terms of foundational executive functioning skills in order to help students develop their own blueprint for lifelong fulfillment. She shows how to look beyond faulty finish lines such as college acceptance and resume building and shares new strategies, including how to:
  • Develop a system based on executive functioning skills
  • Build valuable social capital while fostering genuine connections
  • Identify your energy profile and how to recharge
  • Expand perspective through immersive exposure
  • Remain adaptable in the face of disappointments and setbacks
With these new foundational skills, we can help kids reflect, adapt, redirect and thrive in a world so different from the one their parents grew up in.

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