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The Essential Talmud

The Essential Talmud

A masterful introduction to the to the great repository of Jewish wisdom, the Talmud

In The Essential Talmud, the renowned Israeli scholar and teacher Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz succinctly describes the history, structure, and methodology of the sacred text by which the Jewish people have lived and survived through the ages. Rabbi Steinsaltz summarizes the Talmud’s main principles, demonstrates its contemporary relevance, and captures the spirit of this unique and paradoxical text as a human expression of divine law. This expanded edition features a historical overview of life in the times of the Talmud and an in-depth look at the content and appearance of the original Talmudic page. As Rabbi Solomon S. Bernards of the B’Nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League puts it, “this book is indispensable to those, Jews and Christians alike, who would like to gain an insight into what it is that moves the contemporary Jew.”
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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Judaism / Talmud

On Sale: March 17th 2009

Price: $13.99 / $17.99 (CAD)

Page Count: 336

ISBN-13: 9780786735419

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"Offers a fascinating introduction to the codified oral tradition."—Christianity Today
"Steinsaltz is a consummate master of the subject...extremely helpful."—Commentary
"Rabbi Steinsaltz not only organizes and clarifies a vast amount of highly complex material, but manages to suggest the magnetism of the Talmudic commitment through the centuries...[a] worthwhile introduction to the character and genius of the Talmud for non-Jews and a refresher course for Jews who wish an uncluttered layman's view."—Kirkus Reviews
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