Adam Horowitz

About the Author

Adam Horowitz lives in New York City, where he is co-editor of Mondoweiss. Horowitz is the former Director of the Israel/Palestine Program for the American Friends Service Committee. He holds a master’s degree in Near Eastern Studies from New York University.

A journalist also based in New York, Lizzy Ratner has written for the New York Times and the Nation. She was previously a reporter for the New York Observer.

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for the New York Observer, the Nation, the American Conservative, National Review, Washington Monthly, New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Harper’s, and Jewish World Review. He also wrote the 2004 book American Taboo: A Murder In The Peace Corps. He is the founder of a popular news website, Mondoweiss, devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective.

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