From leadership expert Warren Bennis, a workbook to help anyone reach their full potential as a leader.

Warren Bennis and Joan Goldsmith maintain that leaders are not born, they are made-in fact, anyone can develop the skills to transform their lives and their organizations. In Learning to Lead, these leadership experts have created a program that enables students, staff, managers, executives, public servants, and professionals to discover their own leadership voice.

In these pages Bennis and Goldsmith offer the wisdom of world leaders, tools for self-assessment, and exercises for building leadership skills. These lessons enable readers to recognize false leadership myths, translate failures into springboards for creativity, and communicate personal visions that inspire others to produce extraordinary results.

An immensely useful workbook and a powerful reformulation of the nature of leadership, Learning to Lead is an invaluable guide to driving your own success and inspiring it in others.

What's Inside

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"This modern classic by Bennis and Goldsmith gives leaders of every stripe direct access to great mastery from one who knows you perfectly in your highest aspirations--YOURSELF."
Raz Ingrasci, President & CEO, Hoffman Institute
"Warren Bennis was the world's most important thinker on the subject that business leaders care about more than any other: themselves."
"[Bennis] was recognized for decades as one of the world's foremost experts in the principles and practice of effective leadership.... Few thinkers, writers or scholars possessed greater rhetorical gifts for formulating memorable mottoes, aphorisms and observations about how to achieve and inspire success."—Washington Post
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