Wisdom From The Ancients

Enduring Business Lessons From Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, And The Illustrious Leaders Of Ancient Greece And Rome


By Thomas J. Figueira

By T. Corey Brennan

By Rachel Hall Sternberg

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Ancient Greece, the culture that brought us democracy, philosophy, comedy and tragedy, and the Olympic Games, and ancient Rome, best known for its military prowess, technological achievements, and imperial administration, are justly renowned for their contributions to Western civilization. Wisdom from the Ancients brings alive for today’s managers the timeless insights of such larger-than-life figures as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Trajan, Pericles, and dozens of other colorful and enigmatic leaders. Through direct quotations of ancient texts, engaging commentary, and period art, the authors illuminate the strategies and tactics that have withstood the test of time-from leadership and delegation to managing conflict to effective and persuasive communication.
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Oct 3, 2001
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256 pages
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Thomas J. Figueira

About the Author

Thomas J. Figueira is a professor of Classics and Ancient History at Rutgers University.

T. Corey Brennan is an associate professor in Classics at Rutgers.

Rachel Hall Sternberg is Chairperson of the Department of Classical Studies at the College of Wooster in Ohio.

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