Bent Object of My Affection

The Twists and Turns of Love


By Terry Border

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Following the success of the wonderfully wacky and playful Bent Objects, this charming gift book from the offbeat mind of Terry Border features 60 new wire-based creations that seek to express the many wonders and reasons for love. Everyday objects like raisins, cupcakes, pears, and puzzle pieces take center stage as they’re bent into clever visual vignettes that provide a new perspective on that ever-elusive emotion. Each photograph is accompanied by a sweet caption that is sure to evoke that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but with the author’s signature ironic twist.

In the tradition of bestselling humorous photography books featuring artful creations with food such as Hello Cupcake! and Cake Wrecks, this book will surprise and delight with every spread. And with its affordable price point and gifty trim size, Bent Object of My Affection is the perfect present for loved ones on Valentine’s Day, for anniversaries, or “just because.”



How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Bend the Ways . . .

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Bend the Ways . . .

Looking for just the right words to say to that special someone, but find yourself in a pickle? Candy conversation hearts not quite capturing the mood? This collection of often sweet, sometimes twisted, but always amusing Bent Objects images is sure to express just how you feel. In a world where falling leaves can hold on to one another and spools of thread tie the knot, and where candles can light each other’s fire and bananas peel it all off, Bent Object of My Affection shows that, like love, the ordinary can be extraordinary.

We make a perfect pair.

Straight from the Garden of Eden

I’ll help you fly and be here if you fall.

An Eggsellent Friendship

You let me soar, but keep me grounded.

And Then I Was the Kite and You Were the String

Together we make something bigger.

The Missing Piece

I can’t help this attraction.

Magnetic Personality

You’re the perfect way to start each morning.

Coffee Lovers

Olive you so much I feel tipsy.

Care for a Drink?

I love your curves, I love your lumps.

Don’t Go Changing

I remember the moment I first saw you.

Didn’t We Meet in a Pasta Life?


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Oct 4, 2011
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128 pages
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Terry Border

About the Author

Terry Border is the creator of Bent Objects, which began as a blog and became a book of the same name published in Fall 2009. Most recently, his Bent Objects art can be found on greeting cards sold by American Greetings, and in ad campaigns for the kitchen gadget company Oxo and for Nextel and Motorola in Brazil. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Please visit him at

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