What Would Jesus Buy?

Reverend Billy's Fabulous Prayers in the Face of the Shopocalypse

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780786733897

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ON SALE: April 29th 2009

Genre: Fiction / Humor / Form / Parodies


Reverend Billy’s revival tour across America is the subject of the upcoming Morgan Spurlock film What Would Jesus Buy?, his first movie since the national hit Super Size Me! The book is an inspiring — love-a-lujah! — compendium of the reverend in full flow, from his exhortations from the pulpit to his reflections on why lesbian marriage will save the Spotted Owl. Reverend Billy believes big box brainless consumerism is destroying our culture and our planet.

Reverend Billy first began preaching in Times Square and has since been incessantly spreading the word at major retail stores from San Francisco to New York City. He has been regularly featured in the national media, most recently in the New York Times, and was arrested with great panache as he led prayers against consumerism in Disneyland. What Would Jesus Buy? will entertain, convince, convert, and give readers actions they can take to become a member of the Church of Stop Shopping.

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