The Audacious Molly Bruno

Amazing Stories from the Life of a Powerful Woman of Prayer


By Marie Armenia

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Meet Molly Bruno, the real-life prayer warrior who inspired the character “Miss Clara” in the film War Room. Learn from Molly how to pray boldly, with audacity, believing that nothing is impossible for God.

The Audacious Molly Bruno , written by her daughter Marie Armenia, is a holy and hilarious mentoring resource for women who desperately long for wisdom from a Godly mother-someone who is a living example of practical experience and steadfast faith. It is also a wakeup call for older women of faith, encouraging them to embrace the calling of Titus 2:3-5 to mentor younger women about what’s truly important in life.

“When I think of my mother’s prayers,” author Marie writes, “I remember the prayer she prayed every morning without fail, ‘Lord, please send someone my way today that I can tell about you.’ Everyone (and I mean everyone) who met Molly Bruno fell in love with her. This includes the Kendrick Brothers, who wrote and directed the film War Room. During filming of the movie, they met Molly, calling her the modern-day Ms. Clara of War Room. She inspired them, just like she inspired everyone around her. When she prayed, she got answers.

Molly lived a lifetime of believing she could boldly approach the very throne of God ‘with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.’ My mother didn’t teach me how to pray any more than she taught me how to breathe. I saw her pray REAL prayers, using REAL words addressed to a REAL God. I learned by observing my mother’s prayer life that the last thing on earth that should be edited is a prayer. Shameless audacity. Those words remind me of my mother’s approach to prayer. She had no fear of God’s displeasure or that He might scold her for asking for impossible things. She had no need to edit her heart to the One she loved. She knew He knew her heart. Having settled this between herself and God, she asked. And asked again. And got incredible answers time and time again.”

The Audacious Molly Bruno will teach you how to pray with fervent hope, deep joy and abiding faith.


  • "Molly Bruno's legacy continues to radiate her bold, courageous, resolute love for Jesus Christ. She lived the gospel and loved everyone with Christ-like compassion. My life is changed, challenged, and enriched because of Molly; yours will be too. Thanks to Marie for this honest, fun-loving, and compelling portrait of Molly's faith journey!"
    Brenda Harris, communication/prayer associate, Kendrick Brothers Productions
  • "Faith inspires faith-that's why I encourage you to read this powerful story of Molly Bruno, whose prayers touched heaven and changed lives!"
    Dr. George O. Wood, Chairman, World Assemblies of God Fellowship
  • "Marie Armenia and her husband Phil are two of the dearest friends my wife Angela and I have. Marie's mother Molly was a dear friend of ours as well and very influential in my life. She was what I referred to as the "real deal." A no-nonsense, plain-talking woman of prayer and faith. I am sure her prayers have buoyed me through many of life's storms. I know this book will be a blessing to everyone who reads it. I am sure that the influence Molly had on everyone she came in contact with will be the same in written form. She talked to Jesus like His true friend and interceded for us and many of our friends both day and night. I know that she would be pleased knowing that her life lives on in the pages of Marie's book. May the blessing she was to everyone she met fall on you as you meet her through Marie's powerful stories."
    Guy Penrod, Grammy Award winning Christian singer and artist; member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame; former lead singer for The Gaither Vocal Band; Host of DayStar Television's Emmy Award winning Gospel Music Showcase
  • "The Heavenly Father afforded me a great blessing... being born to Molly Bruno. Mom served faithfully as a pastor's wife, and influenced countless women by her Godliness and matronly guidance. Everything I've done in my own life has been shaped by my Mom's strong principles and rock-solid character. As in Ephesians, she was a 'giant of a warrior... fully armed and ready to do battle.' Marie has captured it all in this book about a wonderful Godly woman, our Mom, Molly Bruno."
    Nick Bruno, Dove Award Winning music producer, member of the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and president, Nick Bruno Productions
  • "Tasting the delicacies within these pages made me hungry not merely for meatballs, but for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the God who created all the delicious ingredients necessary to make things "just right." Marie Armenia has cooked up a smorgasbord that will satisfy you today and will keep drawing you back for more."
    Ken Abraham, New York Times bestselling author
  • "THE AUDACIOUS MOLLY BRUNO is full of wit, spiritual insights, practical life lessons, and a mouth-watering meatball recipe to boot! My Aunt Molly loved and followed Jesus like few others I have ever met, and in this book Marie beautifully shares her mother's life-changing lessons that can only come from someone who spent decades feasting on God's Word and walking with the Savior. Get this book and grab a seat at Molly's kitchen table. I promise... you won't leave hungry!"
    Rev. Dr. Michael Luciano, Executive Director, Calvary Baptist Church, New York, N.Y.
  • "I absolutely loved Ms. Clara in the movie, War Room. She was spunky and direct, smart and funny. She had a way with people. Even when I watched the movie, I wondered what kind of mother she might have been, and what kind of children she might have reared. Can you imagine my excitement when I discovered that her daughter was my neighbor? The character Ms. Clara was inspired by Marie's mom, Molly Bruno. I've had the privilege of meeting Marie, seeing Molly's Bible (the one Ms. Clara held in War Room), and hearing about Molly. What an incredible life and great example of a woman who loved her Lord and lived for His good pleasure. I am not surprised in the least that Marie's book, inspired by her mother, Molly, is filled with wisdom, candor, humor (lots of humor) and treasurable insight. Every pastor's wife, ministry leader, wife and mother will be grateful for Marie's book. I hope to use it myself in mentoring relationships. I can't help but smile as I think about Mrs. Molly's advancing the kingdom even though she's left us and gone "home." Thank you, Marie for giving us these stories."
    Leighann McCoy, pastor's wife, mother, "nana" and author of Spiritual Warfare for your Family and Spiritual Warfare for Women
  • "When I started reading the book, I felt like three people were jumping out at me. First, I saw "Sister Molly", who hardly ever saw me without saying she was praying for God's blessing on my life and ministry, Then I saw Marie and thought, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". But then I saw Jesus saying to us, "Come into my presence, and follow Molly as she followed Me into the place of prayer." As you read these "spiritual recipes" from a mother to her daughter, you will come away with this heart cry, "Lord, teach me to pray as You taught Molly Bruno." Thanks, Molly, for that legacy you left your children and all who you loved and loved you. And thanks, Marie, for sharing these big spiritual "meatballs" with us."
    Dr. Daniel Mercaldo, Founding Pastor, Gateway Church, Staten Island, New York and author of Desperate Families - There Is Hope for Your Family
  • "Molly Bruno did not walk on water, but she was the hands and feet of Jesus wherever she went, and that made her beautifully buoyant. In The Audacious Molly Bruno, Marie Armenia has captured the effervescent soul of her mom and given women the lifeline of Molly's exceptional wisdom so they can navigate the rough seas of life with faith, hope, and laughter."
    Ivey Harrington Beckman, author of Faith Untamed, former Editor in Chief of Homelife Magazine and More Living Magazine
  • "The word audacious certainly describes Molly Bruno, an ordinary woman with extraordinary faith and zeal who certainly wasn't afraid to live her faith out loud, affecting everyone who came in contact with her. Her boldness came from spending time in her prayer closet, the war room, and out of that place emerged a warrior, a force to be reckoned with, clothed with power from on high. I believe Molly's life has much to teach us in the way of intercession and witnessing. Although she has gone on to glory, the aroma of her well-lived life still challenges us today."
    Maria Durso, co-pastor at Christ Tabernacle, Queens, NY, and author of From Your Head to Your Heart
  • "I knew Molly Bruno for five decades. Mere words fail to fully characterize her sweetness, her devoutness, her compassion for the hurting and the absolute power of her prayers. When I desperately needed a miracle from God, I always called on Molly to pray. She seemed to have a direct line to His throne. Her daughter and author, Marie (Bruno) Armenia and her family remain the dearest of friends to our family. This powerful Molly Bruno story will inspire and motivate its readers to pray."
    Neil Enloe, Singer/songwriter and Dove Award winner for Gospel Music Song of The Year
  • "Told from a daughter's perspective and injected with lots of humor, this unique book is most of all a testimony to a life lived in total, unswerving devotion to Jesus Christ."
    Carol Tornquist, author at Alfred Music Publishing and friend of Marie
  • "This dynamite woman of prayer, Molly Bruno, models how an ordinary mother can partner with God in shaping the world! Ms. Molly's deep, personal, intimate relationship with the Risen Christ produced a passionate love for human souls and left a trail of irrefutable miracles! Read this book and your life is forever changed! In their sunset years, I was honored to serve as Pastor Bruno and Molly Bruno's pastor, officiate at their Memorial Service and to know firsthand their prayer lives. It was the real deal."
    Ralph Duncan, Pastor, Grace Land Community Church, Franklin, TN
  • "I had the privilege of growing up knowing The Audacious Molly Bruno. Reading this book has not only awakened profound memories, it has profoundly challenged my prayer life and walk with God. I believe that God will also speak to you through this book. The secret of Molly's life was that she was wonderfully, unusually dependent upon Jesus. Through candid stories and life lessons, you will be mentored into a deeper dependence upon Jesus as well."
    Tim Enloe, author and conference speaker,

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Marie Armenia

About the Author

Marie Armenia, the daughter of Molly Bruno, has traveled the country as a singer/songwriter and keynote women’s retreat speaker. As a pastor’s wife for many years, she has always had a heart to serve God’s people in any way possible. She is the former producer, writer and on-air hostess of The Marie Show, a TV broadcast for women, which aired on seven Christian TV stations in the northeast. She is the author of more than 400 magazine articles and various columns for Lifeway magazines and Mature Living. Marie currently writes a monthly humor column for Mature Living. She also writes for several other faith-based publications.

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