Another Morning

Voices of Truth and Hope from Mothers with Cancer


By Linda Blachman

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"To raise a child while living with cancer is to have your heart break. We have to learn how to live with broken hearts.” So says one of the mothers interviewed in this powerful, inspirational, and deeply moving book, a tapestry of voices from ordinary women coping with every mother’s nightmare: a cancer diagnosis while raising children. It’s difficult to imagine a group more in need of attention and support than seriously ill mothers. Yet, women confronting the profound collision of mothering and cancer struggle amidst a remarkable absence of services or resources. Another Morning bridges that gap. 

The stories are interwoven with the author’s personal and professional reflections, drawing on her 25 years as a public health educator specializing in maternal-child health, and her experience as a mother. She explores themes of universal interest and concern for mothers: What can we do to responsibly prepare ourselves and our young for life’s inevitable losses? Can a mother ever be seen as both strong and fallible, as a whole human being? 

For mothers and all those who care about them, this book is an invaluable companion and source of comfort, full of insights, guidance, and real-world wisdom.

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Feb 10, 2006
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Linda Blachman

About the Author

Linda Blachman MPH, MA, has a long career as a public health consultant, personal historian, and counselor, specializing in maternal and child health and life transitions. In 1995 she founded the Mothers Living Stories Project, an award-winning nonprofit agency that brings compassion, dignity, and support in parenting to mothers who have cancer by helping them record their stories as living legacies. She lives in Berkeley, CA.

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