American Man

Speaking the Truth about the War on Masculinity


By Lawrence Jones

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Fox & Friends cohost Lawrence Jones​ delivers the common sense book America needs more than ever in this definitive takedown of the left’s never-ending attacks on masculinity.

A generation ago it was understood that men and women were unique, yet interdependent, and designed by God to be that way. Today, the woke crowd wants you to believe masculinity is “toxic.” In his first book, Lawrence embarks on a thorough examination of who is doing the attacking and why. Informed by his travels across the country for Fox News, Lawrence explains how confused progressives are about manhood—and how powerful the need is to set the record straight. Men, he argues, are indispensable to thriving families and prosperous societies, and the sooner men start acting like men, the better off we all will be. 

Packed with stories from his own life and work, Lawrence makes a persuasive case for the virtues of manliness—courage, resilience, godliness, and self-reliance among others. Lawrence challenges his fellow men to live up to their responsibilities as men and to fill the cultural void woke ideologues have been happy to exploit. In confronting the chaos of contemporary culture, Lawrence is forced to reexamine his own beliefs as he spurs an honest discussion about what it means to be a man in America. The book also includes candid, never-before-shared interviews conducted by Lawrence of his Fox News colleagues, like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Pete Hegseth, Will Cain, as well as other prominent voices like NFL great Ben Watson and actor Dean Cain.

This insightful and uncompromising book from one of the country’s fastest rising stars will enlighten and inspire readers—as it proves once and for all the crucial role men can and must play in American life today.

  • "Chances to do the right thing present themselves many times in life—to step up, to lead, to be responsible, to guide, and to listen, or to back away and survey the damage of your decisions. Lawrence Jones has traveled the country as a witness to what makes a man’s life purposeful and fulfilling. He shares the lessons in an indispensable new book, American Man. His observations and conclusions will stay with you long after you read the last page and make your next good decision."
    Dana Perino, Fox News and former White House Press Secretary
  • "This important book shows you why Lawrence Jones is one of the most impressive voices in the country today. In American Man, Lawrence skillfully destroys the radical left’s arguments while spurring an honest and inspiring discussion about what it means to be a man in America. Read this book."
    Sean Hannity, Fox News and radio host
  • "While the left ludicrously claims all masculinity is toxic, Lawrence Jones thoughtfully and unapologetically articulates why men are indispensable to thriving families and prosperous societies. This is a must-read book for every woman and man in America who cares about the future of our country."
    Mark Levin, Fox News and radio host

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Lawrence Jones

About the Author

Lawrence B. Jones is the host of “Lawrence Jones Cross Country” on the Fox News Channel and the enterprise contributor to the popular “Fox & Friends” morning show. Prior to joining Fox News, he was the editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, hosted his own radio show on TheBlaze Radio Network and served as a contributing host for TheBlaze TV.

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