The Princess of Thornwood Drive


By Khalia Moreau

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Two sisters are trapped on opposite sides of reality in this entrancing and deeply moving debut novel that weaves together a contemporary narrative with a parallel fantasy world.  

One year ago, a tragic car accident killed 22-year-old Laine’s parents and left her 18-year-old sister, Alyssa, paralyzed and nonverbal. Now—instead of studying animal nutrition or competing as one of the few equestrians of color—Laine is struggling with predatory banks, unscrupulous health care organizations, and rude customers at the coffee shop where she works. That’s why when Lake Forest Adult Day Center offers to take care of Alyssa, free of charge, Laine is relieved.

Alyssa isn't relieved, though. After all, in her mind, there was never a car accident. Instead, she and her parents—the king and queen of Mirendal—were attacked one year ago in the forest, her parents kidnapped while she was cursed, and now must spend her days in Lake Forest's Home for Changels—a temple caring for mortals such as herself. Perhaps there, she could meet other changels who show her how to embrace her new life.

However, there is a dark prince at Lake Forest, one who has taken a peculiar interest in not only Alyssa but her sister as well. And while Laine struggles to make ends meet on an everyday basis, Alyssa finds herself leading a battle that threatens to destroy not only her and her sister but their entire kingdom.
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  • “A contemporary fantasy debut that draws on Trinidadian culture, modern medical concerns, and family bonds. Fans of magical realism will find this tale engrossing.”
    Library Journal
  • “Fans of fantasy will love getting lost in The Princess of Thornwood Drive.”
    The Root
  • “Khalia Moreau's debut is an imaginative and spellbinding book that shows the strength of sisterhood and the power of the mind...The deft blending of mythology and realism made this book a standout debut that will remain with me for a long time.”
    Celestine Martin, author of Witchful Thinking
  • "Unique and exciting… this is a very touching story.”
    Cosmic Circus

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Nov 7, 2023
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320 pages

Khalia Moreau

About the Author

Khalia Moreau is a Brooklyn-based doctor and aspiring forensic pathologist who loves writing twists and turns. When she’s not in the hospital or doing something book-related, you can find her watching anime or K-dramas while snuggling up with her cats.

Find out more,  at:

Twitter @kmoreau11
Instagram @kmoreau11225

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