Science Fair Season

Twelve Kids, a Robot Named Scorch . . . and What It Takes to Win


By Judy Dutton

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This is the engaging true story of kids competing in the high-stakes, high-drama world of international science fairs. Every year the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair brings together 1,500 high schoolers from more than 50 countries to compete for over $4 million dollars in prizes and scholarships. These amazing kids are doing everything from creating bionic prosthetics to conducting groundbreaking stem cell research, from training drug-sniffing cockroaches to building a nuclear reactor. In Science Fair Season, Judy Dutton follows twelve teens looking for science fair greatness and tells the gripping stories of their road to the big competition. Some will win, some will lose, but all of their lives are changed forever.

The Intel International Science & Engineering Fair is the most prominent science fair in the country, and it takes a special blend of drive, heart, and smarts to win there. Dutton goes inside the inner sanctum of science fair competitions and reveals the awe-inspiring projects and the competitors there. Each of the kids — ranging from a young Erin Brokovich who made the FBI watch list for taking on a big corporation, to a quietly driven boy who lives in a run-down trailer on a Navajo reservation, to a wealthy Connecticut girl who dreams of being an actress and finds her calling studying bees, to a troubled teenager in a juvenile detention facility, to the next Bill Gates–take readers on an unforgettable journey.

Along the way, Science Fair Season gives readers a glimpse of America’s brightest young minds and shows how our country is still a place for inventors and dreamers–the “geeks” our future depends upon.


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Judy Dutton

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Judy Dutton is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from Harvard with a degree in English and American Literature, she’s contributed to Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Glamour, Redbook, Women’s Health, The Knot, The Nest,,, and other magazines. She’s covered a range of topics including dating, relationships, sex, health, personal finance, news, and entertainment. She’s also the author of How We Do It, an eye-opening look at the most groundbreaking scientific discoveries in the realm of sexual behavior. Visit her website,

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