Open Hearts Family

Connecting with One Another


By Jane Seymour

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Inspired by Jane Seymour’s “Healing Hearts” paintings and the actress’s trademarked Open Hearts Family jewelry collection, this book celebrates both the families we were born to and the families that we make for ourselves among friends and all who touch our lives. The Open Hearts design reflects life’s joys, heartaches, and inspirations. Moving quotes, poems, real-life stories submitted by fans to the Open Hearts blog and Jane’s equally inspirational artwork come together in this book that reminds us that if we keep our hearts open love will always find its way in.


The Open Hearts Family

I WANTED TO WRITE THIS BOOK BECAUSE “FAMILY” TO ME IS more than genetic. Fortunately, my genetic family is extraordinary, and we are very close—probably because post-WWII our parents were so grateful to have us and to be safe and alive.

But “family” is more than genetics. It’s about the moments we have in life when we touch or are touched by another in times of adversity or challenge—when we open our hearts and souls and trust one another with our deepest feelings. These people become our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers. They are our Open Hearts Family, the ones who share a special bond with us. It can be anyone, even an animal that brings peace and love into our lives.

This book celebrates not only the traditional family unit that our birth provides, but also the unexpected families that we create from the people we open our hearts to as we journey through life. Within these pages you’ll read stories by me, contributions from those touched by the message of Open Hearts, and words of wisdom from some of the great thinkers of history. When we open our hearts, our family grows; so do we . . . and so can the world.

— Jane Seymour

Your Family of Origin



Born Into Love

To be born into a loving family is the most wonderful gift that any of us could wish for. Within the safety of its shelter, we are able to experiment and discover our strengths and weaknesses and to develop our spiritual, intellectual, and artistic expressions of self in an atmosphere of love, belonging, and tolerance. Through the wisdom passed onto our parents by their parents and ancestors we learn the lessons we need to live our lives fully and positively, and to try to make ourselves—and the world—a better place.

— Jane Seymour

My mother, Mieke. This drawing of her was done in the concentration camp.

A Mother’s Moment

Before she ever had children of her own, my mother Mieke was inspired by the women she cared for in a concentration camp in Java during World War II. It was a terrible place where the sickest were sent to die. The water was unclean, dirty bandages were reduced to rags, and there was no medicine or antiseptic. Tirelessly, my mother went among her patients trying to make them comfortable; kind words and a listening ear her only resources.

She became very close to one woman in particular who had a terrible cancer in her lower back. Her suffering was immense, but she gained strength at the thought of being reunited with her children. One day the woman asked an inexperienced nurse for a mirror, quickly used it to look at her wound, lost all hope, and died.

Overwhelmed by helplessness and despair, starved and exhausted by her own struggle to stay alive, Mummy took to her bed. Heartbroken, she had lost all hope, her youthful optimism destroyed by the realities of war. The Matron came to see her and demanded she get up and carry on. It was a pivotal moment: Would she succumb to her feelings of grief and helplessness or stand up for love and be of service to others?

My mother chose the latter, and from that moment on she looked for the positive in life, and determined that should she survive, she would become a mother herself and teach her children how to love.

— Jane Seymour


The family is one of

nature’s masterpieces.

— George Santayana

Fill Your Heart with Love

My mother taught me that acts of kindness, love, and goodwill toward others makes your heart grow. If you always keep your heart open and fill it with love, there won’t be room left for anything bad.

— Anna

Shining Light

EVEN THOUGH THE FAMILY I WAS BORN INTO WAS WROUGHT with abuse, I did have one shining light: my great grandmother. She was full of love and all things proper, polite, lovely, and decent—and I remember that she always wore her beautiful silver bracelet. I am ever fortunate to have my own family now. This breathtaking painting is of my beautiful children, and my favorite part is my daughters’ charm bracelets. An armful of silver bracelets has become my signature, and my most treasured is the one I inherited from my great grandmother—it is a constant reminder of her love.

— Laura Anne Harlan


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Jane Seymour

About the Author

Jane Seymour is a multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner and recipient of the Officer of the British Empire, which was bestowed on her by Queen Elizabeth II. Jane has proven her talents in virtually all arenas, from the Broadway stage to motion pictures to television. Her love of art and color has led to her great success as a painter and fashion and jewelry designer.

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