Night Gardening

A Novel


By E. L. Swann

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A timeless tale of love and healing that proves it is never too late for romance Within the shadows of night, in a grand old city, in a graceful neighborhood, there was a garden where lives would be changed and hopes renewed and two hearts forever restored. Maggie Flaherty Welles is a vibrant, sparkling, Irish-American widow whose feisty, determined spirit is matched only by her love of life. While she is recovering from a life-threatening illness, Maggie’s passion lies in her beloved garden, now thrown into disrepair with the passing of time. When Maggie meets Tristan Mallory, the handsome landscape architect remodeling the garden next door, they begin a friendship that transforms them both, blossoming along with the exotic flowers in Maggie’s garden that Tristan secretly tends to by the light of the moon. Brought together by a shared passion, Maggie and Tristan discover the sensuous pleasures of a relationship neither one had ever dared to imagine. Their romance gives proof to the restorative powers of love. Set in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Night Gardening is an enchanting journey into a real and metaphorical garden. It is a story of love and healing that celebrates passion in all its forms in such a way that it will touch your heart and linger at the edge of your dreams.


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Apr 14, 1999
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224 pages
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E. L. Swann

About the Author

E. L. Swann is a pseudonym used by award-winning children’s book author Kathryn Lasky. She resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband.

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