Peace Pirates

Conquering the Beliefs and Behaviors that Steal Your Treasure in Motherhood


By Ashley Willis

Read by Ashley Willis

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Peace Pirates encourages and equips moms to stay ahead of what steals their peace and joy, so they can fully experience the blessings of motherhood, that parenting isn’t just a title; it is a treasure.

Why do moms find themselves settling for a depleted and frustrated existence when motherhood is truly one of the greatest gifts from God? Being a mom is one of the most important-yet-difficult roles a woman will ever fill. Deep in their hearts, many women believe they are failing their families, are emotionally anemic, and are utterly helpless to maintain their peace while raising kids. As a result, hearts and homes are constantly defeated by the “peace pirates” that are allowed to take away the security God paid for His children to have.

As a wife, mother of four boys, and blogger to hundreds of thousands of mothers, Ashley Willis experienced the stress of trying to be the best mom God wants her to be, while constantly fearing that she’s missing out on the real treasure.

With God’s help, mothers can find the treasure in the midst of the struggle and remain faithful through all seasons of motherhood–especially the difficult ones–and claim their peace. peace pirates will teach readers how to stay “treasured up” by first helping them identify the four stressors, or, peace pirates, that challenge their zest and contentment. With powerful personal and biblical insights, peace pirates will encourage and equip moms to stay ahead of what steals their joy so they can fully experience the blessings of motherhood.


  • "Ashley Willis delivers a sea of calming insights anchored in biblical truth in PEACE PIRATES. Her candid, funny, relatable stories of parenting, and how God transformed her from anxious and frazzled to peace-filled and calm, are a treasure."
    ?Amber Lia, bestselling coauthor of Triggers and Parenting Scripts
  • "I don't know one mom who doesn't need more peace in her life. Ashley Willis delivers a sea of calming insights anchored in biblical truth in PEACE PIRATES. Her candid, funny, relatable stories of parenting and how God transformed her from anxious and frazzled to peace-filled and calm are a treasure for my own anxious heart-and yours!"
    ?Amber Lia, bestselling co-author of Triggers and Parenting Scripts
  • Ashley takes the tough topic of motherhood and breaks down the comparison barriers right away. If you've ever felt like you are missing the mark in your mothering, this book is for you! Ashley had me laughing and examining my heart all in the same moment. She gets me. And I think she gets you too. She offers us simple ways to experience more peace in the chaos of motherhood. This is a must read for mamas who are in the thick of it.
    -Micah Maddox, women's conference speaker and author of Anchored In: Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World
  • Instead of being a grand adventure, motherhood can seem like an adventure gone awry on a daily basis! Fellow traveler Ashley Willis will help you identify the peace pirates that threaten your journey. You'll learn how to worry less, laugh more, and anchor your soul in the God who is forever faithful.
    Arlene Pellicane, author of Parents Rising and 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom.

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Apr 7, 2020
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Ashley Willis

About the Author

Ashley Willis has a BA in Communication from Georgetown College and a middle grade teaching certificate from Eastern Kentucky University. She taught middle school English, Science, History, and Bible before deciding to be at home with her four young sons, Cooper, Connor, Chandler, and Chatham. She hit the jackpot when she married her very best friend and favorite author/pastor/everything in the world, Dave Willis. Together, they work to create marriage-building resources and events throughout the United States and online. Dave was the teaching pastor at Stevens Creek Church, a nondenominational church with the roots of the church coming from the Church of God denomination, for ten years. They often spoke together at church together, and Ashley led women’s Bible studies and often did pastoral counseling with wives and moms. Dave and Ashley also do initial pastoral counseling for couples together. They both recently joined the team at MarriageToday, an international marriage ministry, as content creators and speakers. They live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas.

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