Whirlwind Italy

Summer is in full swing here at the Avalon Travel offices. Desks are emptying out, postcards are arriving from afar, and weekends start early on Fridays.

Working for a travel publishing company comes with some perks. One of my favorites is that vacations aren’t just the norm here, they’re encouraged—it’s career development if you really think about it. With all of the great travel deals going on right now, it seems like every other week someone is announcing an incredible flight deal they found online and are jetting off to soak up the sun in Cancún, trek through Costa Rica, or hop the pond to explore the sights, sounds, and of course food, of Spain or London.

On my itinerary this summer is a North to South tour of Italy. I’ll start in Bologna, which I’ve heard is the hidden gem of the country, not to mention the food capital, then Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast for some views of the crisp, blue Mediterranean, then all the way to the tip of the boot to see Sicily. My family is from the old country, so I plan to visit the village, just south of Palermo, that my grandfather is from. I’ll finish with three days of art, history, culture, and wine in Rome.

I’ve been prepping for the big trip with our guides. I’ve already discovered tons of insider tips and out of the way spots that only a local, like author Alexei Cohen, could know. But I’m always looking for a few more.

So my question to you, Moon readers, is what are your favorite spots in Italy? What tucked away restaurant, quiet hill town, or bustling city center are you dreaming of getting back to? Do you prefer the stylish streets of Milan, the canals of Venice, or the quaint villages of the Cinque Terre? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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