The Mennonite Community of Allen County, Kentucky

Horses with buggies hitched in a row to a white fence.
Photo © Tom McNemar/123rf.

In rural Allen County, between the towns of Franklin and Scottsville, you’ll find a significant Mennonite community. These Mennonites live simply, shunning electricity, traveling by horse and buggy, and working in primarily agricultural pursuits. They happily interact with outsiders, however, so there’s no need to be shy. In fact, a number of Mennonite businesses welcome visitors.

When traveling through the area, drive carefully. The roads are narrow and winding, and you may quickly come upon a horse and buggy. If you do, slow down, then pass when it’s safe to do so. Go ahead and wave as you go past; they’ll be waving at you. Leave your camera in its bag, however. The Mennonite people do not like to be photographed, and you should respect their wishes.

Take note of the following Mennonite businesses, all of which have addresses in Scottsville. For more information and a listing of additional Mennonite businesses, contact the Scottsville-Allen County Chamber of Commerce (110 S. Court St., 270/237-4782).

  • Habegger’s Amish Market (415 Perrytown Rd.): This market sells homemade jams, relishes, pickles, and sweets, along with dried goods and other groceries. A deli counter serves sandwiches and ice cream.
  • Countryside Jam House & Lawn Furniture (987 Perrytown Rd.): Purchase expertly made wooden lawn furniture as well as homemade jams.
  • Spring Valley Sorghum Mill (269 Strawberry Ln.): Watch as sorghum molasses are made in the fall.
  • Tim and Susie Hen House (1597 Squire Lyles Rd.): Although the owners of the hen house aren’t Mennonite, they host a small animal swap meet on the third Saturday of each month, which draws large numbers of Mennonite families and is simply a wonderful taste of rural life.
  • Southern Kentucky Horse Drawn Machinery Auction (Scottsville): Held annually on the first Saturday in April, this auction attracts not only local Mennonites, but also Mennonites from all over the eastern United States.
Map of Bowling Green, Cave Country, and South-Central Lakes, Kentucky
Bowling Green, Cave Country, and South-Central Lakes

Excerpted from the Second Edition of Moon Kentucky.