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Where to See Tango and Flamenco in Havana

An art as much as a dance, tango and flamenco venues are alive and well in Havana. Here’s where to go to catch a performance or even take a lesson or two yourself.

Flamenco in Havana.
Flamenco in Havana. Photo © Theodor Hensolt, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.

Habana Vieja

The Irene Rodríguez Compañía performs amazing flamenco at Centro Andaluz en Cuba (Prado #104, e/ Genios y Refugio, tel. 07/863-6745, free) each Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 9pm. Don’t miss it! Lessons are offered (Tues.-Thurs. 9am-11am, CUC15 per hour).

El Mesón de la Flota (Mercaderes #257, e/ Amargura y Brasil, tel. 07/863-3838, free) hosts high-energy flamenco shows daily 1pm-3pm and 8pm-11pm; you can even watch through the bars from the street. Patio Sevillano at the Hotel Sevilla (Trocadero, esq. Prado, tel. 07/860-9046) has flamenco on Saturday at 9pm. And the renowned Ballet Lizt Alfonso (Compostela e/ Luz y Acosta, tel. 07/866-3688) offers flamenco classes and courses.

The Caserón de Tango (Calle Justíz #21, e/ Baratillo y Oficios, tel. 07/861-0822) has tango peñas on Wednesday and Friday at 5pm, shows on Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 9:30pm, and tango lessons (CUC5) Thursday 4pm-6pm and Saturday 2pm-4pm.

Centro Habana and Cerro

Caserón del Tango (Neptuno #303, e/ Águila y Italia, tel. 07/863-0097) hosts tango peñas on Monday 5pm-10pm. Unión Arabe de Cuba (Prado e/ Animas y Trocadero, tel. 07/861-0582) hosts occasional tango.

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