Get Your Bay Area Hike On This Spring

In a week, spring will be here. Weather-wise, we have it easy in Berkeley, but we couldn’t be happier to see signs that warmer weather is on its way. Bay Area hikers share our sentiments and are dusting off their boots to take advantage of the sun’s staying power, beautiful blossoms, and wildlife that abound on our trails. Just ask Ann Marie Brown, well-known outdoors expert, and author of newly released Moon 101 Great Hikes of the San Francisco Bay Area.

According to Brown, who hikes, bikes, and camps more than 150 days each year, hikers who take advantage of Bay Area trails this spring will see rare wildflowers and centuries-old virgin redwoods, surf crashing against miles of coastal bluffs, waterfalls, summits, big-leaf maples, and more.

To help hikers, Brown has compiled a list in her book representing some of the best hikes for activities like wildlife-watching, backpacking, and exploring waterfalls in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some hikes that top her list include:

Best for Bird-Watching

Best Peak Vistas

Best Redwood Forests

Best Short Backpacking Trips

Best Waterfalls

Best Wildflower Displays

Best Wildlife-Watching

“Quite possibly, you’ll wind up spending some of the best days of your life on Bay Area trails,” Brown said. At Moon, we couldn’t agree more.

Happy spring hiking!

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