Discover the Vibrant Character of Texas

Texas has an independent spirit unmatched across the globe. Its people, like its landscapes, are rugged, fiery, captivating, and endearing. The one element that ropes them all together is an immense Texas pride. The Lone Star State’s mystique is enormous, and for good reason — Texas is practically a country unto itself, and people continue to be intrigued by its dynamic magnetism.

The proud residents of this vibrant state somehow manage to reflect and defy all stereotypes associated with them. For every good ol’ boy set in his ways, there’s a progressive genius building her Web-based empire. For every brash oilman making millions, there’s a humble educator affecting lives. Intense football coaches coexist peacefully with environmental activists. Like anywhere else, people in Texas have their differences, but there’s one thing that transcends obstacles that is wholly unique to this state — the common bond of being Texan.

A man runs across a football field carrying the state flag which is nearly as tall as himself.
Photo © mj007/123rf.

You can’t talk about Texas without mentioning size. It’s enormous. It’s colossal. It’s just a big ol’ giant place. No other state can claim mountains, tropics, pine forests, prairies, and mesas all within its borders. Toss in an eclectic mix of regional cuisine, national parks, and real-life cowboys, and you’ll find a rich experience representative of Texas’s distinct character.

This spirit is evident in the Panhandle plains, where chicken-fried steak is proudly served at diners along old Route 66. It’s apparent in the Hill Country, where Texas troubadours play beer-soaked blues guitar on the Luckenbach stage. It’s all over the Rio Grande Valley, where Lone Star flags are as abundant as the bountiful groves of grapefruit trees.

Friday Night Lights. Barbecued beef ribs. Austin City Limits. Chisholm Trail cowboys. You can’t swing a piñata stick in Texas without encountering a cultural icon. And there’s plenty more to discover about Texas’s rich heritage: excavated shipwrecks, Spanish missions, majestic courthouses, cattle drives, oil booms, and JFK’s assassination all occurred under the state’s legendary six flags. This is what makes the state such an enigma and such a fascinating place. You could spend a year exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Texas and still find yourself with dozens of destinations remaining on your must-see list — all certain to become unforgettable future memories.

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