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Join Ladybug and Cat Noir as they save the day in a full-color, action-packed chapter book series based on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
By day, Marinette and Adrien are teens living normal lives. But by night, they turn into Ladybug and Cat Noir and work together to keep Paris safe from the mysterious Hawk Moth.
It's Adrien's birthday! Marinette and Adrien's best friend, Nino, are ready to celebrate! When Nino finds out that Adrien's father won't let Adrien have a birthday party, Nino is crushed…and angry! Hawk Moth uses Nino's negative emotions to transform him into the supervillain Bubbler. Claiming that all parents ruin kids' fun, Bubbler wreaks havoc around the city as he uses his bubble wand to capture adults and send them into space. Can Cat Noir and Ladybug pop Bubbler's plans before it's too late?
Miraculous(TM) is a trademark of ZAG(TM) – Method(TM).


Chapter 1

It’s early morning in Paris, and Marinette lies spread out on her bed with her mystical companion, Tikki, curled up on her tummy. Both are sound asleep. Tikki, a bright-red Kwami with a big black spot on her forehead, is the sworn guardian of Marinette’s superhero alter ego, Ladybug. Tikki has enjoyed watching over Marinette ever since the little Kwami first appeared in a burst of light and explained Marinette’s new role as a superhero. Tikki also loves snuggling up with Marinette at bedtime.

Marinette’s phone alarm rings, breaking the peaceful morning silence, and she sits up like a shot. Tikki is thrown from her cozy spot on Marinette’s tummy, and she catapults across the room.

Happy birthday!” Marinette shouts to her empty bedroom.

Tikki rights herself and flies into the air as Marinette jumps out of bed and slides down the ladder of her loft to the rest of her room. She zips across the floor on her wheely chair to her desk and taps the computer keyboard. Multiple images of Adrien surrounded by hearts appear on the screen.

Marinette sighs deeply and gazes adoringly at her screensaver. “Happy birthday, Adrien,” she whispers, leaning forward to kiss the screen.

Marinette has been looking forward to Adrien’s birthday for so long! She has spent hours knitting Adrien a beautiful blue scarf, and she plans to give it to him at school this morning.

Marinette picks up the carefully wrapped gift, hugs it tightly to her chest, and spins in her chair. Finally, I have the perfect excuse to have a real conversation with him! she thinks with delight.

The excited teenager is still close to bursting as she enters the kitchen. Marinette’s mother, Sabine, is having her morning cup of tea. She looks up at her daughter.

“Marinette?” she says. “Don’t forget to clean your room after school today.”

Marinette’s happy glow instantly fades.

“Mom,” she complains, “it’s Friday, and I’m already doing something with Alya this afternoon!”

“Fine,” Sabine replies. “I’ll go ahead and clean it, but don’t blame me if I come across any of your private stuff, like your emails… your diary—”

“Okay, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

The last thing I need is for Mom to start snooping through my diary and discover I’m a secret superhero on the side, Marinette thinks, leaning forward to kiss her mother on the cheek.

“Have a nice day, sweetie.”

“Happy birthday…,” Marinette says, turning back from the door to grin at her mom. “Uh… I mean, have a nice day!”

Across the city, the birthday boy, Adrien Agreste, stares glumly into the bathroom mirror as he brushes his teeth. It sure doesn’t feel like my birthday, he thinks.

Adrien had hoped his dad would come into his room this morning to wish him a happy birthday, but Adrien hasn’t seen him at all and it’s almost time to leave for school. He wonders if his dad has forgotten his birthday altogether.

“Happy birthday, Adrien!”

Adrien’s Kwami, Plagg, hovers beside him. He’s black with a long tail, pointy ears, and piercing green cat eyes. In his tiny paws, he’s holding a large and very stinky piece of Camembert cheese. It’s wrapped in a red ribbon. The strong, cheesy stench fills Adrien’s large bathroom.

“Oh, Plagg!” Adrien cries. He pinches his nostrils to block the smell. “Get that filthy piece of Camembert out of my face!”

Plagg shrugs, throws the cheese into the air, catches it in his mouth, and swallows it in one gulp.

The fancy antique dining table in the Agreste mansion is set for twelve people, but only Adrien eats breakfast there ten minutes later. As far as birthdays go, this one truly stinks, he thinks.

Adrien’s hopes rise as the door swings open. Although Gabriel Agreste is so busy that he never eats breakfast with his son on any day, let alone his birthday, Adrien wonders if his dad might have made time for his son today after all.

Gabriel’s assistant, Nathalie, walks into the room, her high heels clicking, and Adrien slumps back over his croissant. Of course it’s not his dad. He was silly to think it would be.

“Your schedule, Adrien,” Nathalie says. She hands him a computer tablet.

“Thanks, Nathalie,” Adrien replies. “Hey, did my father get back to you about my birthday party?”

“Well, uh… he… doesn’t think it would be a good idea,” Nathalie says.

“Of course not,” Adrien mutters.

“Happy birthday, Adrien.” Nathalie turns and walks out, leaving him alone again in the huge dining room.

Adrien pushes away his half-eaten breakfast and gets up. He’s not feeling very hungry this morning.


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Miraculous(TM) is a trademark of ZAG(TM) – Method(TM).

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