Original Sloths Wall Calendar 2024

The Ultimate Experts at Slowing Down

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By Lucy Cooke

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Just hangin’ around.
Oh, those sweet but inscrutable expressions, that penchant for hanging upside down, the unapologetic embrace of life in the slow lane—everything about sloths is utterly irresistible! This calendar features full-color portraits starring the adorable residents of sloth sanctuaries in Costa Rica, accompanied by sweet captions and fascinating facts: A sloth’s coat hosts algae that turn it green, camouflaging it among the trees (since running from predators isn’t an option). From Lucy Cooke, the “Steven Spielberg of sloth filmmaking” (The Atlantic).
Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable. 


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Aug 8, 2023
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28 pages

Lucy Cooke

About the Author

Lucy Cooke is the author of The Truth About Animals, which was short-listed for the Royal Society Prize, and the New York Times bestselling A Little Book of Sloth. She is a National Geographic explorer, TED talker, and award-winning documentary filmmaker with a master’s degree in zoology from Oxford University. She lives in Hastings, England. 

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