Cat Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar 2024

Cat Quotes, Paw-some Books, True or False, Owner's Tips, Famous Cats, Know Your Breeds, and More!


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The purrfect daily pick-me-up for cat lovers. 

On every page, the Cat Trivia calendar tells you something new about the cats you love and thought you knew. The Purr-sonality Guide: Meet the Lingqing Lion Cat, a breed whose large head and long neck ruff make it look like a lion. Travel Locations for Cat Lovers: When in London, be sure to visit Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, the city’s first cat café. Plus Meow-nificent Movies, like That Darn Cat; Who’s That Wildcat; cat lover quotes; and surprising (and maybe not-so-surprising) facts: A cat typically spends 30 to 50 percent of its day grooming itself.
Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.


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