In this delightful and heartwarming novel, a lonely English man unexpectedly finds love and community when he meets a young Amish baker and her baby.

When bakery owner Hannah Eicher finds an infant in the barn, it seemed like her prayers for a family of her own were answered. She's been fostering little Grace for nearly a year now and soon the adoption will be final.

Anxious to find the baby his late sister abandoned in Hope's Haven, paramedic Mike Colder sets out to his childhood hometown. But the trail he follows leads not to his nephew but to a sweet baby girl and the Amish woman caring for her.

Though there is a growing attraction between Hannah and Mike, both are aware of the different worlds they come from and know it can't lead anywhere. Before long Mike begins to feel a tug for the simple lifestyle he left behind all those years ago and begins to wonder if perhaps he can return to it. But as long buried secrets come to light, can these two work though all the obstacles to claim their springtime miracle — a happily ever after together?

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