Do Not Comply

Taking Power Back from America’s Corrupt Elite


By Will Witt

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From bestselling author Will Witt is this thought-provoking exposé showing readers how to break free from the control of America’s corrupt ruling class.
The America you grew up in is no longer here. Our country is in sharp decline. Yet we often fail to truly call out the culprits responsible for it. Who are the corrupters of our great country? They are politicians (both Democrat and Republican), they are businessmen, they are celebrities, they are media executives, they are scientists. They are the elite. And they are selfish. 
In Do Not Comply, one of America’s most articulate and fastest rising political commentators on the right exposes the elite’s many lies holding America hostage. Witt persuasively explains how a corrupt ruling class has pitted us against each other in the name of “the greater good” and “building back better.” But the changes and programs they institute have only hurt us in the long run and have sent us spiraling to serfdom while the elites reap all the benefits. 
Without fear or favor, the independent-minded Witt deconstructs the misguided policies and adventures of America’s political, pharmaceutical, tech, media, and financial institution elite – with surprising takeaways. Through systematically looking at the biggest issues used to divide us today, Witt answers these crucial questions about the future of America: How do the elite achieve their power? How do we fix the vexing problems in our society caused by this greed and selfishness? And how do we take our power back? 
From one of America’s brightest young minds, this book is a must-read for citizens seeking the truth about who really controls the levers of power in our country. As we watch America descend toward moral and economic destruction, it’s tempting to believe we have no power to enact change. But we always have a choice—and it’s not too late. Do Not Comply is the first step towards righting the ship.

  • "Will Witt is a fearless critic who takes on those in power regardless of political party."
    Candace Owens, Founder of BLEXIT
  • "No one can deny that special interest groups and factions of varying kinds, including those of the powerful elite, are in hot pursuit of enriching their own at your expense. In response to these destructive ideologies, my friend Will Witt has written what just may prove to be the most important book you'll read this year. This is an urgent must-read."
    Jack Hibbs, Pastor, President of Real Life Network
  • "Will Witt has written one of the most important books of our time. He not only breaks down the biggest political issues facing our country, but gives an answer to fixing them, and leaves us with the hope that we all have the courage inside of us to fix the mess we are in and restore the America we once had."
    Tim Ballard, Author, Founder of Operation Underground Railroad

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Will Witt

About the Author

Will Witt is a media personality, international speaker, short film and documentary director, and cultural commentator. He is the author of the national bestselling book How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies. He lives in Tampa where he’s the editor in chief of The Florida Standard.

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