Bride Needs Groom

Bride Needs Groom

Gorgeous playboy Dominick Chickalini can charm his way out of – or into-any and every situation. But on the plane on his way to Las Vegas for a weekend of drinking, flirting, and gambling, he suddenly feels like everyone is coupled up-except himself. He tries to push it out of his mind, but then he notices the passenger next to him. She’s the most stunningly beautiful woman he’s ever seen…and she’s wearing a wedding dress. Mia Calogera has to get married or her strong-willed, and incredibly wealthy grandfather will cut her off. Accustomed to the finer things in life, she’s hatched a plan: marry a man she met on the Internet. But with Dominick next to her on the plane, her stomach won’t stop doing flip-flops. When Mia’s plan goes awry, and Dom needs to borrow money, Mia has the perfect way for him to pay her back. But will the eternal bachelor succumb to the bride’s plan?
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Genre: Romance / Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

On Sale: October 1st 2005

Price: $7.99

Page Count: 368

ISBN-13: 9780446614542

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