Global historical events are too often recounted exclusively through European and American voices. African Voices of the Global Past explores six major historical developments of global significance—the Atlantic slave trade, industrialization, colonialism, the World Wars, decolonization, and the development of modern feminism—from an African perspective. Voices emerge throughout the text in the form of primary sources that explore the personal accounts of individuals. These enable students to look beyond the indistinct figures of Africans in European and American accounts to see the people directly involved and affected by the major global changes they experienced. Featuring contributed chapters from renowned scholars, many from the continent of Africa or the African diaspora, African Voices of the Global Past offers a unique view of global history from a traditionally overlooked perspective. This book is a perfect supplement for world history and African history instructors seeking to relate a compelling narrative of major world events.

What's Inside

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"Finally, a textbook that takes an African perspective on the most important historical events of recent centuries. Organized chronologically to provide students with a sense of narrative, this clearly written text addresses multiple crucial themes that, for better or worse, have impacted Africa immensely since 1500. Its geographical breadth illuminates the diverse experiences of different populations in Africa. Most impressively, to appeal to students, the authors persistently provide context whenever they introduce primary sources or historiographical questions."
John C. Corbally, Stanford University

African Voices of the Global Past: 1500 to the Present is a powerful survey recommended as a basic history for any college level collection strong in African studies.
The Midwest Book Review

“This book is a significant addition to [Africa's place in world history writing] and is very likely to be a popular textbook and a companion to the existing history.”
—African Studies Quarterly

"This unique book offers a broad spectrum of readings that provide a solid coverage of major developments in world history and their impact upon Africa and Africans. The care with which the editor solicited and organized the readings has resulted in a seamless work in which the writing styles are perfectly matched and create a sense of consistency and continuity. It is a well-written and extremely readable book that will engage students."
Devethia Guillory, Prairie View A&M University

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