Death by Boomers

How the Worst Generation Destroyed the Planet, but First a Child


By Tim Dillon

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An outrageous, lacerating memoir of being raised by the most selfish generation into a very unproductive member of society.
DEATH BY BOOMERS is a hilarious autobiographical account of Tim Dillon’s life, being raised by two Long Island boomers. Like most boomers his parents started out as long-haired hippies (selfish drug addicts!) who then became addicted to grievance mongering, paranoia, and fear! 
DEATH BY BOOMERS details the parenting style that made Tim a near perfect person: a closeted gay cocaine addict who enthusiastically supported the Iraq War and didn’t get a credit score until he was 36. (Also fat!)
This book will be enjoyed by anyone raised by a boomer or anyone genuinely curious about the generation of people who endured the greatest hardships known to man: mall traffic and occasional lines at the grocery store. The boomers destroyed the earth, but first they destroyed their children! 
Take a trip down memory lane with Tim and his friends, as they navigate growing up with these proud, self-righteous boomers. You know them now as a tribe of Facebook warriors, but once upon a time, they ruled this land some call “the suburbs.” They were kings and queens of the drive thru. And if you walk down a street in Long Island you can still hear them, in a faint voice, telling the tale of someone who’s wronged them. 


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Apr 30, 2024
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288 pages

Tim Dillon

About the Author

Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, writer, and actor. He hosts a podcast called The Tim Dillon Show.

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