The Chief Financial Officer

What CFOs Do, the Influence they Have, and Why it Matters

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781610393867

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ON SALE: April 8th 2014

Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Economics / Corporate Finance


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The rapid rise in importance of the role of the chief financial officer — from back-office accountant to front-line executive — is unrivaled by that of any other corporate position. With access to every facet of the business, CFOs now wield a level of influence matched only by chief executives.

This book explains how CFOs earned their privileged status, and what the future may hold for them. It describes their ever-expanding role, and how they are reshaping their departments to help them deal with that transformation. Insights from current and former CFOs provide a first-hand perspective on finance leaders’ aspirations and doubts. It is a useful reference for finance chiefs seeking to learn from peers and benchmark their own performance; for those looking to build a career in the C-Suite; for managers seeking to improve their relationship with the finance department; for service providers — banks, accountancies and consulting firms — and anyone else who wants to get on the good side of the keeper of the corporate checkbook.

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